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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cant believe how much joy I found when my ticket home was finaLLy bought( aLL expanses paid by my sister :P) I almost kissed the Malaysian soil when I touched down.Hahahaha!!!!

In this latest bLog I would like to share my experiences of travelling. I went to visit my sister in Dubai,U.A.E. I went to most of the tourism spots last year, so this time there werent that many place to visit anymore. It was so damn hot by the way!!! It was 46 degrees Celsius when I arrived. But I did go to 2 of the other neighbouring states in the UAE which is Sharjah and Al Ajman State. In al Ajman, we went to this kadai where all they sold was booze.My sister caLLs it, "heaven".It was situated on a beach at the end of the desert. We encountered some camels and donkeys on our back and along the way, I kinda went down the car and started chasing those donkeys back into the desert just for the fun of it. LOL.Apparently, you get jailed for life whenever you run over a camel. So my advice is,no matter what crime you in the desert, DONT RUN OVER A CAMEL. LOL!

And then came the biggest surprise of my life, this year. My sister presented to me a piece of paper that says "MR SUAN/VELARRY DBX - CDG" At 1st I thought CDG stands for CHENGDONG,China. But it turns out to be Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. LOL.Man, I tried hard pretending I wasnt excited. hehehe....Darn. And so I went. We arrived late in the evening and it was a cooL caLm evening. The next day, we hopped on a bus and arrived at the big city in about 30-45 minutes. We took loads of pictures but sadLy, my sister accidently changed the format of the picture and she wasnt able to transfer the photos in the laptop and got lost somewhere along the process. If u dont see any pictures of me at the eiffel tower in facebook, that is the reason. It was everything that I would imagine. Pretty people in fancy clothes waLking on the streets. People riding on bikes. the famous stadium "Stade de France", Zinedine Zidane and Thiery Henry's face at every corner of the city,Le tour de eiffel etc etc. Oh yeah... I went to the place where it says to host the Monalisa painting. Well of course its onLy the replica. Oh yeah! Ada arnab lari2 keLuar dari semak. Hahaha... daLam hati sia,Kalau d kampung ni ..pusas suda ni.. wakakakkak!!!

And last but not least. Kuala Lumpur. I went to KLCC, Padang Merdeka and Tugu Negara. hEhEhE..... 3 of the most famous pLaces in Malaysia. Kalau tidak pgi bukan Malaysian oO... apa durang ckp tu? 1Malaysia? HAHAHAHAHA...

p/s: My sister bought a standby ticket for me to go to Venice,Italy too and luckily the flight was fuLL. My prayers were answered!!! I get to go home a lot sooner than expected!!!!!!! hEhEhEhE......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Born,Raised and wiLL Die a Bornean...

I left home on the 25th of August. today is the 1st of October. 2231hrs. It is approximately 36days since I have been out of the house,the town,the country.

I finally figured out the term "You will never appreciate what you have until you lose it"... Well,Its not like I've lost somebody or something. but its just that I haven't seen them/it in a while. I miss every single one of them .. I miss every single part of it...

I have friends and family all over the world.. who have been away from home for so Long...years ..decades......Now,if I may compare myself to them... I have only parted my bed for over a month(ONLY).... But I guess I am not as strong willed as the others....

A few days ago,me and my sister had a little karaoke session...I found myself in tears singing Dusun song called "Langad om upus ku" .. I know.Its weak and it portrays gay'ish'ness .. But I could not control myself when I sang the part where it says "Koihad oku sosongulun.." which translates to = I cried alone.... DAMN!

Yes. I love my hometown that much.... And here's something that I have written a long time ago... when I came to realized the fact that I can never be separated from the land that nurtured me from birth....

"My flesh was carved out of the mountains,the hills,
The river runs through my veins,
the mist represents my soul,
The win caress my soul,
the animals roams within me,
Barbaric as that may sound,
Poetic is what I see.

Away,Birds may fly,Away,Fish may swim,
But I shall never part my land,
For I would die without the sand calmly in my hand"

I love u,my land,my home.. my heart...