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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sabah FEST ka? sabah PEST????!!

I seriously think that Sabah Fest 2011 is a FCKIN JOKE.

Since when did the suluk became cousins with the Dusuns ???!!!! Hahahahahah!! I was at Magellan Sutera Harbour earlier this evening and I was so disgusted with the idea that we are cousins with the suluks. LOL!!

The suluks are originally from the Philippines man. While the Kadazan Dusuns are believed to have settled here from Taiwan. How in the blue hell did we end up being cousins? Shit!!!

And then during the Kadazan Wedding... ada bersilat? As far as I know.. bersiLat is Malay's form of self defense......

Sabah tourism should really take a break from this SabahPEST thingy.... and get new and genuine ideas.... MADE UP STORIES are fcking lame.......

even the foreigners were walking out of the HALL!!!! CAN U IMAGINE THAT!!???


HoneyBUZZin said...

Is it that bad??? I suppose to go to Magellan but opt out instead because something comes up at the last hour.

Goodness...if what u were saying is true..than it's sucks!

Velarry Suan said...

Yeah.. it sucks BIG TIME!!

Girllyen Marcie said...

hurm.. maybe that's the reason why i should not go to Sabah Fest 2011..

*ye! cousin ko sana jual rokok tepi kadai~ p tulung dia jual~

Velarry Suan said...

tai la kazen saya.... Lotud teda kana mention daLam 7 brothers ah... woOhOO!! hahahahhahhahahahhahah