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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Sabahans,Should we give up????!!!!!!!

So many people in Sabah,are too ignorant. and easily satisfied. None of them even know their rights....

we are the POOREST state in Malaysia.

The guy who is in charge is PAKISTANI descent.

The number of illegal immigrants are growing,and identification cars are being issued to give more votes to a political party from across the sea. and the population or real sabahans, native sabahans are growing LESS and LESS. WE ARE BECOMING MINORITIES!!!!

Why are we letting this to happen? I cry a tear every time I think of this. Where is that ancestral spirit? Where is the spirit of the Kadazan Dusuns? We are the dogs now. We bark bark and bark. We're given food,and then we shut up and sleep.

Why are the Kadazan Dusuns leaders letting this happen? Why aren't they protesting???????????????!!!!!! :'( !!!!

Unite ! and you will be strong!!!

Imagine this .. Imagine if all the Kadazan Dusun leaders decided to stand up for their rights....... for their people's rights!

Imagine if all the Kadazan Dusun Leaders can manage their voters to not vote for the government... the POWER will be in their hands !

Imagine if Pairin,Dompok,Ongkili,Kurup,Bumburing,Mojuntin,Masidi,Jahid are able to unite........ imagine if they say "We have our voters in hand,and they will decide whether or not they will vote for the government.... They will vote if you give them what they want......"




WE DONT WANT TO BE THE POOREST STATE IN MALAYSIA!!! (at least 15% of all the state's income goes to the state government)

WE DONT WANT TO BE THE 2ND LARGEST GROUP IN SABAH (just so you know,illegal immigrants is the biggest group in Sabah right now. SEND THEM BACK!!!!!!!)

A friend of mine said, "it is too late to save Sabah" ..... Another said "It is easier said than done,we are becoming more and more like them....the Malays"

So,let me ask you something..... SHOULD WE GIVE UP!????!!!


Kumaa toinsanan tompinai om tambalut ku ngawii... kumaa toinsanan tulun ku ngawii... kada tokou pologoson dot ongoyo iti pogun tokou .... Tokou sanganu pogun ditih!!!!!! :'(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enough Evidence to Charge "Sultan". Jadi? Apa kamu tunggu???? BUDUH!!!!!

"Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Haji Hamza Taib said the statements from the journalist and editor were recorded to confirm that the ceremony HAD BEEN HELD" - Daily Express Newspaper.

Do you know what this means? It was true! It wasn't just some crazy guy claiming to be a King! The ceremony was held!!!! Oh my ghost!! And he is still a free man ?? with Malaysian identification card??????? Member of UMNO???? Allegedly responsible for issuance of identity cards to illegal immigrants.... Astagha!! How can the government let this happen????

Is the government purposely allowing these immigrants to take over Sabah so that they can easily collect the resources without getting any resistance like what we are giving them now?????!!!!

Is this a plan to wipe out Sabahans and let the easily bribed people of Sulu to rule Sabah?????????????????????

This is not something to joke about man! This is super scary!!

The government need to act fast .. and they need to act NOW! If you dont want to lose the votes....... ACT NOW!!!

There is no room to delay any actions man..... The safety of Sabah is in your hands!!!

Sudah kamu peras Sabah begini trus kamu mau kasi biar sja kami begini????????

We are not animals!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apocalypto-The End of Malaysia,the start of THE COUNTRY of SABAH.Dedicated to all my Sabahans.

To all my fellow Sabahans, I would like to ask you something...
Do you read history books? Do you read the newspaper? Do you watch news on tv? Are you aware of the current issues happening in the world?


All you think about is your boyfriend/girlfriend... Your car.. Your pets.... and your clothes....

Are you aware that those "dogs" that was once were illegal immigrants are making a living in your home COUNTRY of Sabah??? Most of these "dogs" are richer than me,you and every freaking Sabahans in this world. While you work your ass out for a living,stuck in a cubicle all day long, they are living in a mansion... driving nice cars etc etc...... All because they have i.c now.. and they are entitled to get government projects......

Maybe im one of those people who think too much... but Imagine this ......

"The year is 2020..... Malaya is still keen of having Sabah as their "resource" ... They wont let us go.. because if they do, they will lose their main source of income .. They will lose Sabah's oil... Timber .. and Tourism products...... They keep on giving ICs to illegal immigrants.... to strengthen support to their governments.. to add up on voters....

When every single Sabahans have had enough.... all the "local" ministers have had enough.... being picked on by the lousy Malaya... blood have been boiling long enough to burst out .......they decided to stand up for their rights.......

They have made a decision...They decided to take actions themselves... They decided to free themselves by force...... They decided to say "If you wont free us from your iron claws.... we'll free ourself...

Riots are happening everywhere in Sabah.... Insisting that Sabah remove all non-real Sabahans out of the COUNTRY.... They insist that boats are prepared to sent all fckin illegal immigrants back to their own country...mainly the Philippines and Indonesia.... and all Malaysians to be sent back to Malaya...

BUT... Not all dogs would go... some resisted... This leads to violence.... The Dusuns, The Muruts.... The Lotuds.... The Rungus....The Kadazans... and all other pure Sabahans are ready to go to war.... They are saying "Patayo tokou tasu ngawii!!!! ongoyo tokou tulu diyoLo!!!!!" (translation: Let us kill all the dogs!!! We will have their heads!!!!"
All the mothers are crying and screaming ...trying to tell their children not to use violence... But everything is too late..truly, they have had enough...

So they went to war with the boogz and pilz.... and some minorities of Malaysians (just because they didnt want to leave....)

A lot of people died........ and like always.... interference by the United States of America ... and the United Kingdom came too late........the United Nations came too late.....

Only then would they propose to the government of Malaysia to give independence to the COUNTRY of SABAH... Only then they would open their eyes that the Sabahans were not kidding when they said ... they wanted independence ....

From that day onwards ... Sabah was no longer one of the states in Malaysia.... It is the COUNTRY of SABAH.....

All immigrant dogs were given 2 options... To go back to their own countries.. or to go to Malaya (the nation that gave them the IC)..

Sabah is now an independent country ........ We went through a massive blood bath to gain independence .....and we will try to hold on to this freedom..... We are not going to be free from corrupted leaders... but at least we are going to prosper.. and develop like all the other 3rd world countries in the world...... and NOT THE POOREST STATE in MALAYSIA..... with only 5% oil royalty... with ENGLISH as our main language.. ;) "