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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yup..... Life Sux

Dont u just wish ur a totaL-super hopeless-Loser sometimes? Somebody who doesnt fckin know anything? Somebody whos is super stupid?

All these little talents n all this little knowledge is fckin useless.. U need to be fckin good at something in order for u to stand out..... Fck the term sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit man...... U NEED BUKIT!!! U DONT HAVE TIME FOR SIKIT2!!

ur either a zero,or a hero man.... There's no such thing as half zero-half hero