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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is this what people from all over the world came to see???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In the Photo we can see houses built on stilts in the Island of Mabul, Semporna Sabah and below the houses all you can see are TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

For those who doesn't know,Mabul is the nearest island to Sipadan Island which is one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Ever since they removed the resort and put limit on the number of divers to 120 per day, most of these scuba-divers who had to wait for their turn find Mabul as the place to stay.

As you can see in the photo, Its not a pretty sight at all. "They" are making so much money by accommodating tourists from all over the world and they forgot about MAINTAINING THE CLEANLINESS OF THE ISLAND.

Ko mo harap tu pelauh yang kasi bersih ka boss??????????????????????

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sia tidak mau ckp ba pasal ini. Tapi hati sia tidak senang!!!!!! :'( !!!

Sia tidak mau ckp ba pasal ini. Tapi hati sia tidak senang!!!!!! :'( !!!

I was reading some posts by a very straight forward person earlier regarding our position as SABAHANS in Malaysia. I've left these ideas long ago but reading the posts triggers new ideas and emotions sparks in me.

1st of all, everybody knows about how certain individuals who had authority in the past,granted identification cards to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from the Philippines and Indonesia for them to be able to vote and give majority wins to these "individuals with authority". This catapulted Sabah's population to 200% in the matter of months/years. I need not mention the individuals who are allegedly connected to these disgusting acts of irresponsibility.

NOW,allow me to refer to these illegal immigrants as "dogs",are dominating some parts of Sabah,mainly Sandakan,Tawau,Lahad Datu and Semporna. They are the ones who in charge of the city council,the local business sectors,construction,cultivation etc etc. And I even heard from their own people that they have plots to take over Sabah. I have a t-shirt that says "I love Paris". I was wearing that shirt one day and one of these "dogs" said to me... "There's a place in Lahad Datu by that name... P.A.R.I.S.. It stands for "Persatuan Anak Republik Indonesia Sabah... And they are going to take over Sabah"

I was like "WTF??!!!"

My blood pressure instantly went to breaking point. One by one my blood vessels popped and I think I heard it popped. If they are planning to take over Sabah, and IF this really happens, ARE WE AS SABAHANS going to sit down,wait and just look as it happens????!!! Enough about Indonesians.

Next,I would like to enter the subject of SULU. Im sure everybody who reads the newspaper,listens to the radio and watches tv are aware of this. Every once in a while, there would be a guy who claims that he is the heir of the Sultanate of Sulu(Sabah used to be under Sulu) and that Sabah is still under Sulu. And did u know that most of the Suluks found in Sandakan still thinks that Sabah is owned by Sulu??? a few years ago there were some rumors that Sulu will launch an attack on Sabah and the F.R.U and Navy went on high alert patrolling Sabah waters and cities that are situated in the coastal area.Once again,ARE WE AS SABAHANS going to sit down,wait and just look as it happens????

I dont know if you have ever thought about this or not,but, I personally think it is too d@mn late to get rid of these dogs for they have "their own people" in the government now. "Inside people" they call it. There is no way that we can be pure Sabahans anymore. Dogs would always live among us. Breathing the same air and basking in the same sun with all of us.

I watched a lot of documentaries on war. Ethnic cleansing is the only way to go. But I think Hitler,Momcilo Krajisnik etc etc are the only war criminals that were able to get away with it. They killed a lot of innocent people in order for them to be the sole race in their country. We can do that here in Sabah. We can kill all the dogs, and leave only native Sabahans. But we cant do that can we? I want to do it so much but my religion won’t allow me. It will condemn me into heLL.

I quote "PATRIOTISM wise, I want my people and only my people to live in my country,to prosper and to go forward. Deep inside I want to kill every single dogs who came here to steal our jobs,rape,rob and kill my people. but in RELIGION wise, I was taught to share. and I was taught to love my enemies. and I was taught that my country does not belong to me.The world does not belong to me.It belongs to GOD the CREATOR"

So when somebody say to me that they do not believe in God, I say to them "God is the only reason why I did not follow the path that Hitler went. God is the only authority that is powerful enough to not let me recruit an army of sadistic-psychotic-ethnic fanatic to kill all these dogs and feed them to the crocodiles. The teaching of God is the only thing that is keeping me sane and its the only thing that allow me to think long and hard before I decide to make any radical change or voice of opinion.

REMEMBER,to have Sabah to ourselves,we're gonna have to go through a massive bloodbath. Is this what we want? I dont think so.

But this does not mean that I would make peace with these dogs. Sorry. Im just not that stupid. Ego lingers in every hearts and minds. :) They are always gonna be second class to me. And I will always think that they are dogs. And when I walk around them,I walk on their heads. I do not look into their eyes,and its not because im intimidated by their often red eyes (due to taking SYABU and sniffing glue), Its because they are just not entitled or in the position to even have a glance at me for I am a proud DUSUN guy of Sabah,My Land.

I think I speak for all the other natives around the world that are being over populated by some other dogs. I speak on behalf the native americans that were robbed by whites and I speak on behalf of the Aboriginals that are being robbed,also by whites. As the Mexicans always say "VIVA LA RAZA!!!!"

About another thing. THE COUNTRY OF SABAH. Doesn't that sound grander? I just found out that we are EQUAL PARTNERS with MALAYA and SARAWAK that forms MALAYSIA. We are NOT ONE OF THE STATES IN SABAH. BRUNEI AND SINGAPORE bailed just in time to save their @$$. They had leaders that are well educated and could see well into the future. And so they are richer and are known MORE than MALAY-sia. Kudos to LEE KUAN YEW and Brunei's leader at that time to make the decision to opt out of the Malaysian Federation.

I was driving some Kelantan-chinese folks in 2010. And the lady that was in the group said "I want to buy some pearls,and bring back to Malaysia". And then her daughter said to her "Mom,Sabah IS in Malaysia". She replied "No,Sabah is DIFFERENT". It strucked me.It REAAALLLY strucked me. When I posted it on Facebook,a lot of the people on my list were like "This if funny!! they dont know that Sabah is one of the states in Malaysia??" They did not see what I see.WE SHOULD BE AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY OF SABAH. NOT one of the states in Malaysia. Even the peninsular Malaysians does not see us as a part of Malaysia. Which is a good thing if you ask me because we're NOT just another state.We deserve to be a country of our own!!!

Another case was a friend of mine that went to the peninsular Malaysia.Upon arriving ,he went to the money exchange and said "I would like to convert my money into MALAYSIAN currency" . Stupid of him I know, but lets look at this from a different point of view. As stupid as this story may seem,EVEN HE DOESNT SEE HIMSELF AS A MALAYSIAN. HE IS SABAHAN. DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING? ARE U ON THE SAME PAGE AS I AM!????!!!!

One of our well known Sabahan prominent political leader tried to bring Sabah out of Malaysia. But he was arrested by the ISA. After him, not a single sabahan dared to voice out this idea. I've said this and I'm always gonna say it "Teda guna kau pgi skul tinggi² di luar negeri. ko tidak dapat tulung sabah juga.Makan la ko punya PHD ka ... Doctorate ka!!Sial!!!!"

Lastly,ONE MALAYSIA.... WHAT A JOKE!!! hahahaha!!!! BALIK2 3 bangsa yang sama.Balik2 ulang.... M,C dan I.... SATU BANGSA SATU NEGARA? YOU can never unite us la bugger..... kami ada berpuluh bangsa di Sabah.... Kami tidak akan pernah bergabung jadi 1 bangsa..... U can forget about that idea and you can shove it up yours.. WHAT IS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE ONE MALAYSIA CONCEPT? "My understanding of the 1M concept is "M****U,C**A,I***A" .... Kalau saya mau ckp One Sabah,Im gonna have to fill up one whole page of all the races,ethnics and sub-ethnics in Sabah la boss....Starting with dusun,lotud,kadazan,rungus,murut,bajau sabah,sungai,liwan,sokid,kimaragang etc etc.... Screw 1M idea..... VIVA LA RAZA!!!

Its very childish. But deep in my heart and in my thoughts, I wish that I had all the money in the world so that I can buy an island somewhere,and live peacefully with my DUSUN PEOPLE.Close to my heart. NO DOGS ALLOWED!!!!! And myb pay all these illegal immigrants to go back to their country and we will build WALLS around Sabah... similar to the wall of Berlin and the Great wall of China to prevent them from coming back. BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. Mungkin sa akan merajuk dan pindah ke luar negara.. where I dont have to see my COUNTRY of SABAH being over-populated by dogs... SAD scene.. very sad scene....

Recently,my philipino workers were granted with Mykads... They said "We have inside people" ..... I dont know if that "orang dalam" is local or not.. but I hope she/he rots in hell....

There... I've said it.... Some may agree and some may not... But all I ask is,read it carefully ... and THINK about it.. Dont be ignorant....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marriage.Having a family.Is it a blessing or a curse???

So ur in love......and u got engaged last year.... and u wanna get married as soon as u can ... to prove that you are loyal to ur future spouse and "to show" how much u love him/her..... and so u got married......

But to me... marriage is not something u can joke about... its something that is fckin serious.... and u cant just get married without considering many things that might come your way......

1st of all... u get married... and u want your wedding to be as grand as u can... U want the best gown....u want the best car to send u to church.... and u spend so much money on food...and alcohol ... U used more best-mans and bridesmaid,u used more flower girls...more than any other couple ever had so that u can be different... so that u can be better...resulting in more money to be used on 'angpaos'..... U hire gong players.... live band...karaoke set..... U want to do this so that people would talk about what they had ..and what they saw at ur wedding... the glamour... the wealth and the exclusiveness shown during ur wedding....

But what happens after all the party,and after all the display?

U end up summarizing the amount of money that you have spent for the whole wedding celebration..... the average money lost to organize such weddings nowadays is 50-60K.... wtf??? If u do business with that kind of money,u can generate more!!!! and u can get married 4 of 5 times to your husband or wife already.... hadoi!!!

Of course ur gonna say " Im only getting married once..... I want it to be perfect..." are u fucking stupid? its not about the wedding !!! its the long run! its about the marriage!!! sampai ka 50thn kamu kawin? atau baru 2-3 tahun suda bepisah pasal tidak ngam sama gaya laki kamu? bini kamu?

And Let me ask u something... after u got over with the devastation of seeing how much money u spent on ur wedding..... You(your wife) gets pregnant.... ROCK BOTTOM!!! Now u are reaLLLLLLy thinking... "Oh my gosh!! Am I ready for this!? Am I financially stable to raise a kid/s? Can I wake up 2-3 times in the morning to feed my son/daughter? Can I go to work without enough sleep time? wiLL i falL asleep at work?" nah...... baru mau berfikir? bodoh...........

Okay...So ur salary went up... and now u can afford to buy milk and diapers for ur kid/s....at the same time u can pay biLLs at home... car installment....but,Do u have any fuckin idea of how to raise ur kid? What to teach and what not to teach them? Are u gonna raise them with the way your parents taught u when u were growing up???

Semua ini kita mau fikir tau..... Bukan sa suka2 condemn orang yang mau kawin... its a good thing.....according to Christian teachings....Its one of the holy sacraments..... at least ur gonna be having sex without committing sin....... But think about what i've said.... and be prepared dari semua segi.... financially,mentally,physically and spiritualy whenever u even think of marriage.... THE END :)