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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are surrounded by crazy people

I am an observant individual. One day, It just hit me that some of the people I know and met are just plain crazy. I dont know how to explain more on this but these are just a few actual event where I can prove the level of insanity they portray.

1) When I was in college, there is usually a resting period in between classes where we would sit around at the city hall's bench and chat.One time, me and a friend was hanging out on one bench and our classmate(a girl) went to sit at the bench next to us. While I was talking to my friend, she suddenly burst into laughters!(She was alone) and she was like "Sorry!". I look at my friend and he looked at me. We were puzzled man. She was a crack head. One time it happened to me, She called me up early in the morning and asked me why I sent her an email. She was like freaking out and so scared that her ex boyfriend might find out about that email and might not take her back. I was like " I dont even have your email! How can I be sending you shiz!?" Hahahaha.... No doubt.. She`s insane. I wonder why she's able to go to college.

2)This also happened in college. He was one of our team members in one group project. We were assigned to prepare lunch for some well known politician. After lunch was over, It was time for the judges to give their opinions overall. When one of them said that the soup was too salty, he freaked out and looked like he was going to kill somebody! Hahaha! Still on him, one day, a friend invited us to her birthday party. So we were like all dressed up and trying to look good when he suddenly said " Why is your hair like that? Aren't you scared? The hotel will not hire you. Look at my hair. This is the required hair cut" . I said this to myself "We are not even out of college yet. RELAX you tight headed psycho!"

3) We used to have a friend. After an accident, He just started to stab everyone with a screwdriver. It was like a rage. He was trying to get into a fight with everyone but only his friends. Stab somebody you hate psycho maniac!

4)Somebody I know fight with his 3 year old son like he was and adult. He also fight with the dogs. I think he thinks he`s one of them. Hahahaha!

For more crazy people story. Please contact me at Crazy-people-for sale-444

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2nd Sabah Youth Day (Ranau 19th-23rd Aug 2008)

Prior to the World Youth Day which was held in Sydney, I was one of the lucky youths gathered from all across Sabah to be part of a somewhat grand Sabah Youth Day-2. I participated in this second one after I witnessed the success of the first SYD held in Keningau 4 years ago.

I have been planning to join the celebration a year ago and I was lucky that my leave application was granted. Many may have doubted the real goal of this particular occassion but not me. I have always believe that everything happens in HIS will and I know it was not easy for the Main Organizing Team to make this happen without HIS help. So I would like to congratulate the MOTs for their hardwork and I would like to thank the neverending assistance that they have received from above.

Maybe people say that this is just like the other activities, camps and seminars organized by the Church and maybe its true, but just like all the other activities mentioned. There I found peace within. Yes, there were many who attended but it does not mean that they are in your face at all time. You will have the time and space you need to be alone hence the opportunity of reflecting on life "with HIM". There, I was able to have a time off of my responsibilities as a son, a brother and an uncle in my family and as an employee at my workplace.

Because of such deep respect and love that I have for my church,I was also able to minimize the output of sin compare and maximize my prayer input to when I am outside the camp. It really was an experience that I have always looked forward to update in the diary of my life. Here and there and bit by bit it adds up to the construction of my short life on earth.

If it was not mentioned by a friend, I would have never noticed this. It was the first time in my life and maybe the first time in the history of our new Archdiocese that all three bishops were standing in the same church, on the same altar, shoulder to shoulder in front of 2000++ youths from all over Sabah in an event of such. I was honoured to be there. :) and not to forget. One of the bishops was there, stayed there for the whole period of the annual gathering. He even expressed his emotion he had with us, in tears,in his sermont during the closing mass. "Tremendously blessed". That is the word to describe the whole situation.

"Dare to be different!"

I am looking forward for the next Sabah Youth Day which will be held at Tambunan in 2012. Hopefully I will not feel too old for it then. :) In God's will i will be there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cocktail of Expression.

I have always been an admirer of Dusun songs. For some reason, I can relate so much to many of our Dusun singer's experience that have been converted into lyrics of their songs. It is all about Life, Love, Family, Friends, Sadness, Happiness etc.

All them singers dead, old and new, such as the late John Gaisah, Justin Lusah, Francis Landong and Jestie Alexius are all part of the Dusun music scene. Producing, Singing, Writting, Performing wonderful Dusun tracks and albums.

But I have always wondered why other people seemed to enjoy making fun of me whenever I put on my CD consisting my collection of Dusun Songs. Remarks like " Wow, you really are a Dusun guy" , "What? What is this you are listening to? This is so old man" and etc are nothing but hurtful to me. But I know, I can never blame them because most probably these are the kind of people who were raised in a westernized way of life and community. The Chinese who does not speak chinese or read chinese. The Dusuns who does not speak the language or understands it and maybe even Bajaus who does not speak, read or understands their own native tongue.

Although I am not pure blood Dusun, and although I have not been conversing the language since birth, I am a proud Dusun and I carry the spirit of my ethnicity wherever I go. I try to sustain my ability to speak, understand and learn more about my tradition whenever I get the chance.

I also find it an added advantage for a anonymous Dusun guy to be able to converse in Malay, English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Chinese (Mandarin+Hakka+Cantonese) and many other local dialects such as Kadazan, Bajau, Murut and Iban. It promotes inter-racial activity and from my perspective, promotes other people from different ethnics, races, nationalities to understand and discover more about our own.

So, as a conclusion to this particular blog. Remember to always honor your heritage and It has never been wrong to explore other culture and tradition. Aramai Tih!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Male VS Female

"We want to be treated equally" ..."We want to vote" ... "We want to get proper education" .. " We want to be able to drive" ...."We refuse to be housewives no more" ..."We wanna go out and earn money for ourselves"...I guess ya`LL know who said these things at the 1st place....BUT..What happens when these cases surfaces?:* You and Her went for dinner and when its time to pay? Who pays? The guys! ... and If the guy could not afford to pay? or refuse to pay? What happen? "Oh ur so selfish!" " owh ur so manipulative towards us girls!" and the term "POK SIRING" timbuL.... WAH! chantique sekaLi... *A guy was cooking and the rubbish is supposed to be thrown away,coz its fuLL ..... MAN: Dear... can u help me with the rubbish? WOMAN: What? Thats the guy's job and it has always been,I`m not gonna get my hands dirty!I just had my medicure..WAH! This is the part where I dont understand... they want to be treated as equal.... BUT.. when it comes to the hard part... they simply withdraw with the excuse of being a woman.. a weaker part of God's creation..WAH WAH wAH...... I have to give some credits to some female individuals that i know personally because they practice what they believe in.. equality between man and woman.... they did their part in major things or their lives with their opposite sex/spouse* She helped her man paid the dowry of their wedding*after they were married... helped the guy paid the house loan.. car loan... and other billsThis is how u repay the equality that have been given to u....Come on la girls...I beg you..if u wanna be treated equally.... do ur part as equal ... then it can be considered as FAIR .....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Places of Interest.

I am not much of a traveler but I truly had an opportunity of a lifetime when I was offered a trip to visit one of the countries in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai. *Courtesy of my Sister Pet.

I did not know how to react at first but I know I had to calm myself down and act like it was just like a normal thing to do [NOT NORMAL AT ALL FOR ME. IT WAS SPECIAL]

I was told that it is the cold season in the desert so I packed my sweater along with the other things and hit the sky. It was my first 7 hours of flight and It was excruciating! I knew I should move my feet around just to promote blood circulation but I do not think It worked at all. It was also my first 777 flight. The interior was huge and I am not lying when I saw I was in awe. I was lucky I had a friend with me and It was not his first.

Touchdown. Friends picked us up. Indeed it was cold. Had to turn our watches 4 hours back. 3 am in Dubai time. 7 am in Malaysian time.

The first thing I did was sleep because It was late and I was tired. And then the morning came. I was so excited but I did not know what to expect. I think we went to Ikea and ate huge meatballs! LOL. I was so glad we went there because I am so used to drink Tenom's Black Coffee in the morning and I was craving for one and they did not have it at the place i was staying. We walk around and I did not see anything yet. Evening. We went for Ice Skating. Gosh. We had to leave early because boys 15 years old were harassing my sister and girlfriends she brought along. One of them almost tore the sleeve off of my sweater. But yeah. Like they said. Its just like roller blades. :P The nite ended.

Its late and I think I am sleepy. Sorry guys. I`ll just go through it with it. HAHAHA!

Places I would recommend you to go if you happen to go there.
*Wild Wadi (Its like Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia)
*Zink and The Lodge - Dance Clubs
*Al Ramool ( This is where you test your courage with All Terrain Vehicles on desert sand)
*Global Village ( Show rooms and Boots from all over the world. Cheap Food. Cheap Clothes and Accessories. They even have ALI CAFE boots all over. way-to-go Malaysia)
*Jumeirah Beach (Hot chicks in bikinis! LOL!)
*Mall of Emirates (You can actully Ice Ski Here)
*Fitness First ( Top Class Gym Facilities)
*Karamah (Its just like Chow Kit Road/Petaling St in KL, Or Sinsuran in KK :P)
*Irish Village ( Beer Garden)
*Burj Al Arab (7 Star hoteL)
*Desert Safari (4x4 Challenge in the middle of the desert and cultural show+food)

There are no language barrier here because most of them speaks good english and it is multiracial. Just Like Malaysia. Philippinos, Vietnamese, Thais, Malaysians,Pakistani,Indians,Iranians and also Africans co-exists and my stay there was 99% safe.So. Go and have fun there :) Bye!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Artis Lupa Daratan

I have a problem with some of our local singers. Some which I closely know and some not so. One of them even came from my own hometown which is Tambunan.

I can not understand why they ignore me like I was somekind of a trouble maker. I was honest as I wanted to be a fan. But it seems like they have so many fans already that they dont need another one.

I know I am not in the position of getting close to them but they could at least pretend that they need me as a fan.

I feel so betrayed and used. I was one of the frontliners-voters when they were still in the so called reality shows. But what happen after? They IGNORED me.

I might be alone in this quest to condemn this local artist but a wise man once said "ONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE"

Here are some of the artist i`ve lost interest with and started to hate:-

1. Ve**** A*** (Her dad is from Tuaran and he went to the same school as my dad,her mom is from Penampang but I tried adding her on my friendster account and she didnt approve my invitation.I guess she doesnt need me as a fan)

2. Ni*** L***** P****** (Her dad is from Tambunan which is my hometown, I got her number from somebody I know and when I sms`ed her telling her that I was a fan and that I admired the way she sings, she DID NOT reply me)

3.Jo** S** H***** R***** (Her mother is from Kiulu.Again for the same reason, She did not reply my sms. CRAP)

There will be more of these ungrateful figlia di putanas and i am looking forward to hate them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The yEar Of 2008

Howkay! Lemme start with New Year`s celebration. I was aLone in Tuaran,celebrating with my friends. Nothing much happened that night,except for 2 of my friends who got dead drunk. One fell into the pond and one played with his own vommit. They were mixing everything up. Beer,Wine,Whiskey and Tapai. Thats a mixture for ? DISASTER of course. Hahaha :)) . Mom and dad was in Tambunan. Eldest bro, Victor was in Penampang, with his in laws. Second eldest bro Valentine was back in Lahad Datu for his primary one`s registration while sister Pet was in Dubai. Practically we were scattered all over Sabah and the world upon New Year.

The next day, I woke up late for church. So, I went home with a terrible headache (no thanks to Si Tapai-Si Penghentam Esok Hari) to take my shower. Next, I went to Kota Kinabalu,for the purpose of working. A friend of mine once said "If you go to work on the first day of the year, you would spend the rest of the year working" . And I said to myself, "Well, I`m not planning to stay at home the rest of the year either" Tap on my own shoulder because I think I have never been smarter and good with words. Hahaha! :))

So, other than going straight into action on the first day of the year, I am thinking , "what else?" .

2007 have been nothing much but AVERAGE to me. I wake up, I go to work, I go back and I sleep. Party once in a while, work out seldom. I wonder if 2008 would be any difference. I might change one small thing after another. Maybe I should party more this year but that would not be a smart thing to do.

I planned to continue my studies this year, but a plan it was. Everything seems to be working against my willing. No thanks to my lousy college. They did not update my performance with the place where I applied for my study loan. And now, I am the one who suffers. My loan was frozen and I have been waiting for them to disperse the next payment.

I do not make that much at the where I am working right now and I can be sure that nobody would be happy with little pay. But what I wanna say is that I am quite satisfied because I do not do that much work.


Life have been dificult for me so far but I have a good feeling that good things will come my way and instead of waiting, I am going to work for it. I do not know where to start and I need guidance, which I have.

I thank God for what He has given for me so far, and all I am asking now is to go JUST a little bit better and I am sure He can give me that. :P .

Thats all I guess. Now, Its just a matter of living life and act like I am happy because that is positive.

"Lo mas importante es el efuerzo y ir con DIOS"