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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


KAMU MAU TAU!!!???? BARU² ni... sa tuLung kawan promo ada minuman free at one of the clubs in kK?? sa invite satu kazen sa(female)... dia ckp "I cannot go there la.... kau tau la sia ni... I have to take care of my standard....." (MANTANG2 ANAK Y.B)

sia compare dia sama satu kawan sia(male)...anak Y.B juga.. dia minum kadai kupi sama kami.. dia ikut kami p mamancing.. dia ikut kami moginum d mana2 saja... tidak piLih tampat punya....

Ko tingu punya jauh beza diaaaa!!!???? PHUiiiiiiiiii!!!! menyampah!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sakit ninin sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been dragging myseLf to the track LateLy.. doing jumps... cardio runs...sprint runs and not to forget ...weights..

I quit my daiLy visit to the stadium 4 years ago when I found out that I couldnt compete with the naturally born taLent who appears out of nowhere to win medaLs at a competition.... yeah... I retired.. and yeah.. I am back... but not to win any medaLs.. just to live a healthy lifestyle....

Im sore... all over my body... I busted my calf muscle while doing some driLLs last week....my thigh,hamstring and a$$ muscLe just recovered.... My nenen hurts (due to push ups) .... I am lucky that I have pass experience of goin through this pain... if not.. im gonna quit just as sudden as I started...

So my advice to aLL u ppL out there (those who exercise) .. Never stop because it is not easy to come back... :)

Im happier now that I have my stamina back... all I need now is my speed,my strength and my endurance.... yesterday I jogged from kepayan to penampang stadium... quit far for me... so.. im gLad.. :D

Nothing but peace and love...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Tambunan VS Keningau

There have been a conference regarding the "Feng Shui" of my hometown the district of Tambunan recently and this ticks me off!!! Fcuk it!

Apparently,the people of Tambunan are not happy with how the things are going,economically to be exact. They also want to know why Keningau,which if further away from the big city KK but it is more developed than Tambunan which is closer to KK.

One of the Deputy Chief Ministers of Sabah is originally from Tambunan okay? I dont have to say his name because everybody knows him. He is also the Minister of Rural development. They ask this "Why is he not doing something for his birthplace?".
I've been talking to some people I know and this is what they said about this.

Mr.AJ: Tambunan ADUN sja ma... Keningau Parlimen ma.. itu pasal dia kasi duLuan keningau.

Mr.JD: Sia dgr2 dia tidak mau kasi rusak Tambunan ba. Tambunan is stil quite reserved naturally with all its' greens and water supply...Lagipun Jalan kimanis suda ada..Keningau lebih dekat sama KK suda skrg..People doesnt have to go through Tambunan anymore...

Im not gonna say these guys are wrong or right.But the 2nd guy appeared to be wiser

But if you ask me, (If I was the deputy chief minister,and my birthplace is tambunan) of course im not gonna ruin my beloved hometown just for the sake of development. So what if the town is small??? Everybody knows everybody. Where the Chinese speaks Dusun and the Dusun speaks Chinese. So what if you dont have tall buildings and etc? You have the greens baby! The greens! Thats what controls global warming! Thats what keeps you cool! and thats what gives u fresh air/oxygen! U have fresh water supply! the water is always free! walk to the river and take the water urselF! U dont have to pay for fckin cent! And thats what foreigners are coming to see!!! They wanna see the river!!! They wanna see the mountains!! They wanna see the greens!! they wanna see the waterfallllll.......not skyscraperssss...

If they have a bigger city,let them have the big city la... U have the greens... Appreciate what you have laaaa..... Masing2 ada keLebihan maaaa...... misti mau bagi-Bagi itu kepentingan baaaa...

Aduiiiiiiiii Feng Shui master mau tiLik2 nasip lagiii??? Mau tingu itu tampat punya fengshui bagus ka tidak????Buuuuuuduuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh
Pgi kau tanam kacang panjang sana luar rumah kau... Putung biji sia kalau itu sayur tidak tumbuhhhh.... Subur cukup subur... air cukup air... buLi makannnnn .... tidak payah ada Centre Point tampat mau beli sayur ok?????

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cant believe how much joy I found when my ticket home was finaLLy bought( aLL expanses paid by my sister :P) I almost kissed the Malaysian soil when I touched down.Hahahaha!!!!

In this latest bLog I would like to share my experiences of travelling. I went to visit my sister in Dubai,U.A.E. I went to most of the tourism spots last year, so this time there werent that many place to visit anymore. It was so damn hot by the way!!! It was 46 degrees Celsius when I arrived. But I did go to 2 of the other neighbouring states in the UAE which is Sharjah and Al Ajman State. In al Ajman, we went to this kadai where all they sold was booze.My sister caLLs it, "heaven".It was situated on a beach at the end of the desert. We encountered some camels and donkeys on our back and along the way, I kinda went down the car and started chasing those donkeys back into the desert just for the fun of it. LOL.Apparently, you get jailed for life whenever you run over a camel. So my advice is,no matter what crime you in the desert, DONT RUN OVER A CAMEL. LOL!

And then came the biggest surprise of my life, this year. My sister presented to me a piece of paper that says "MR SUAN/VELARRY DBX - CDG" At 1st I thought CDG stands for CHENGDONG,China. But it turns out to be Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. LOL.Man, I tried hard pretending I wasnt excited. hehehe....Darn. And so I went. We arrived late in the evening and it was a cooL caLm evening. The next day, we hopped on a bus and arrived at the big city in about 30-45 minutes. We took loads of pictures but sadLy, my sister accidently changed the format of the picture and she wasnt able to transfer the photos in the laptop and got lost somewhere along the process. If u dont see any pictures of me at the eiffel tower in facebook, that is the reason. It was everything that I would imagine. Pretty people in fancy clothes waLking on the streets. People riding on bikes. the famous stadium "Stade de France", Zinedine Zidane and Thiery Henry's face at every corner of the city,Le tour de eiffel etc etc. Oh yeah... I went to the place where it says to host the Monalisa painting. Well of course its onLy the replica. Oh yeah! Ada arnab lari2 keLuar dari semak. Hahaha... daLam hati sia,Kalau d kampung ni ..pusas suda ni.. wakakakkak!!!

And last but not least. Kuala Lumpur. I went to KLCC, Padang Merdeka and Tugu Negara. hEhEhE..... 3 of the most famous pLaces in Malaysia. Kalau tidak pgi bukan Malaysian oO... apa durang ckp tu? 1Malaysia? HAHAHAHAHA...

p/s: My sister bought a standby ticket for me to go to Venice,Italy too and luckily the flight was fuLL. My prayers were answered!!! I get to go home a lot sooner than expected!!!!!!! hEhEhEhE......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Born,Raised and wiLL Die a Bornean...

I left home on the 25th of August. today is the 1st of October. 2231hrs. It is approximately 36days since I have been out of the house,the town,the country.

I finally figured out the term "You will never appreciate what you have until you lose it"... Well,Its not like I've lost somebody or something. but its just that I haven't seen them/it in a while. I miss every single one of them .. I miss every single part of it...

I have friends and family all over the world.. who have been away from home for so Long...years ..decades......Now,if I may compare myself to them... I have only parted my bed for over a month(ONLY).... But I guess I am not as strong willed as the others....

A few days ago,me and my sister had a little karaoke session...I found myself in tears singing Dusun song called "Langad om upus ku" .. I know.Its weak and it portrays gay'ish'ness .. But I could not control myself when I sang the part where it says "Koihad oku sosongulun.." which translates to = I cried alone.... DAMN!

Yes. I love my hometown that much.... And here's something that I have written a long time ago... when I came to realized the fact that I can never be separated from the land that nurtured me from birth....

"My flesh was carved out of the mountains,the hills,
The river runs through my veins,
the mist represents my soul,
The win caress my soul,
the animals roams within me,
Barbaric as that may sound,
Poetic is what I see.

Away,Birds may fly,Away,Fish may swim,
But I shall never part my land,
For I would die without the sand calmly in my hand"

I love u,my land,my home.. my heart...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apparently,Nobody reads my bLog anymore..

Not even boboi@derrick,who always appear anonymous in here... hEhE... weLL.. its ok anyway.. who am I to want somebody come in here and read my bLog right?hEhE (minta kesian)

Okay, I was at church earlier ... and so far, it is the best sermon ever by an American priest. It went something like this.

"I was walking around earlier, and It was so hot! So I went into a supermarket called 'carrefour' and there I saw a lot of 'instant things'. Instant milk powder. Put water and u get miLk.I saw instant noodles. Put water and u get noodles. I saw instant orange juice. Put water and u get orange juice. While I was in there, I ended up at the baby section. And U know what? I saw 'baby powder'. U put water and u get a baby. IM JUST KIDDING" .... *This is the part where everybody laughed.

Then came his serious part of the sermont. "U cant become an instant Christian. U dont just go to church put water and instantly become a new man, reborn sinless" ...


Something that made me think....


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Road... Where does it lead me?and where does it end? :(

Remember when we were in school? When the teacher distributes all these forms regarding what you wanna be when u grow up? Yeah .. well.. When I was in primary school.. the 3 top choices were


And then came high school.... It kinda changed...One time, I was asked to give a talk to my juniors about how I allocate my time for school and play.... right after i was done, the MC kinda asked me what I was gonna be ... I told them i wanted to be a "tukang masak"... every single person in that hall laughed at me.. hahaha...!! I was serious u know... well... thats what I did .. After highschool.. I went for culinary art course at one of the suckiest college in KK... I wasnt able to complete my studies due to my financial difficulties... :( But its ok .. I learnt that education is not everything.. It helps u in a way.. but nothing beats experience...Well .. at least thats what they say ... And I also realized that im not the type that stands in a big warm room where everybody rushes in and out trying to cope with today's culinary demand....the head chef screaming at you ... etc etc...

Thats when I tried my luck at tourism... I went for my tourist guide course and I was awarded with a license.. yeah.. So I thot this was it... Im an adventurous person.. I like nature and I like to go out there and explore.. I kinda like the money and the tips at 1st ... but ... It got me thinkin.. Its just not me...Its just not me to fake a smile ... and lie to foreigners about whats good about this and that...

So I kinda took a break from tourist guiding.. But I still renew my license from time to time...

And then I found out about how interesting it would be to take up photography.... yup... I learnt about it from the internet... Books and experienced friends.... But it is such a costly career... A camera itself costs more than what I can afford.. not to mention the maintenance... and the upgrades u need to do with it... to be able to produce and present good artwork...... I have taken this one on consideration.. I still like it ... but ... I dont know wether or not to continue with it....

The only thing that is on my mind right now is ..... music... MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!!!!!!!

Love it... That is all i could think of ... Its my life.. its everybody's life... Its right there waiting for me to grab it by it's end.. But why? Why dont I get the opportunity... And WHEN!? When is my time?! When will the opportunity come?

For the time being.. life kinda hangs there..... But I heard the we should never give up on what we love ....

(last2 ada juga post sa...) hahaha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I still aint got no $h|+ to bLog about.. where have the inspiration gone!!!!???

Monday, July 20, 2009

Im toO layzee to bLog+I dont have anything to say...

*Scratch my head..
*Rub my forehead...

Wonder..... wonder..... Wonder.....

yup! its confirmed! I aint got shit to say.. Sorry mate!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pets me and my family had .....and a cat named "Mamau".. Please read,so that u'd believe... even cats can go psycho!

Okay.. This is a 2nd attempt after I accidently delete my 2000 words typed ... buduhh!!!!
We had many family pets ... Dogs,Cats,Bird,Reptiles.. Etc.... Etc

Let me start with Surih. He was a black dog. I think he was mix-breed. German Shepherd+Kampung'perd. He was a smart one. He goes fishing with us and his fav spot was in front of my dad's boat. He always jumps into the water 1st and I think thats why my bro was nicknamed "Surih". Because of the big splash he makes whenever he goes into the water,due to his "physiques" ..LOL!It was a rainy nite, and Surih got hit by a lorry. He died on the spot. Dad held him in his hands and I think my sister cried. Or was it my bro? hehe... We burried him and had a small crucifix on it's grave.

Next is Rambo. He was Surih's loyal sidekick. He was never brought to sea because he was in charge of the house. He was white with brown patches. How did we lose him?.. He got stuck in a barbwire and left a small cut behind his neck.. A part where he couldnt lick? It rot and maggots were all over him... We couldnt afford treatment so my dad told an Indonesian guy to put him to sleep. He tied him in a sack. Hit his head with a wood and threw him into the river. LOL!

And then there was Jack. I dont fucking know what breed he was. He was huge! and he was out of control. He bites everyone on sight and my dad sent him away to mate with some chinese guy who breeds GErman-Shepherd. The guy had to shoot him after he kiLLed one of the females. Sad ending for a very angry Dog.

We had a mynah. It was a mocking bird. Our favorite line comin out of him was " Kimak punya anak! nanti kamu ah!" ... and I will leave that for u to guess where he copied that from.... LOL!
We also had a slow loris.Locally known as Tonduyutung.He died because he shared a cage with 7puppies. The puppy poopies are deadly i think. Too much for it to handle. LOL!

End of part 1. We moved to a new house in 1994_________________________________________

We had a bigger space for pets now.And so we did. We had Titi who was a small black kampung dog... She holds the record having the most puppies .. all 13 of them.. LOL! She was taken by a filipino guy for lunch... or dinner... She had her pussy inside out... I dont know what they call that in english but my mom calls it "tarabakon"...

and then we had chipy... died at home after being hit by a car while having a dead horse for lunch on the Tuaran-Kota Belud highway... LOL!.. My bro gave him some painkillers and I think he died when the drug effect went away...

Another Mynah. And this time. He died when he tried to push it's head through the cage... Dumbass....

We also had a python named James. He was an EATER... He eats almost everyday.. and He was growing up like heLL! ... We couldnt afford one chicken everyday so we sent him to Rasa Ria Resort's mini zoo... this one died trying to escaped.... His aquarium's cover himpit dia sampai mati... LOL!....

And last but not least. Our cat,Mamau..... He is one dumb+crazy+psychotic cat... White Fur.... Blue Eyes.... got him from my mom's friend.. I think it was our fault that he went kuhrayzee.. We took him away from the mother before he could eat (sebelum berpisah susu dengan ibunya).... I had to feed him with "susu sekolah" by forcing a pen into his mouth... He grew up well.... but now.... he scares me...he'll go to the carpet end and suck on the carpet's lipur-lipur tu... yang taLi2... and now...even worse.... he's out everynite with girls .....having sex until morning... I think he has syphilis.. Dia punya kepala berkurap....yucky!.. and im gonna get rid of him.. Sorry mamau!! cant afford treatment for u!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I wanna taLk about...

MY FUCKING friends !!!
1. I wish all my guy friends were single.. that way we can hang out without their girlfriends tailing them aLLLLLL fucking time. Its not like im jealous or anything (sissy tone) .. but u know how it is.. when ur with ur guyfriends.. ur not suppose to be textin/calling ur gf....

2.I wish we can hang out aLLLLLL fucking time...do fun/crazy shits together....but that would be much fun tho.. coz we'LL have nothing to fucking taLk about... right? okay .. ditch that.... we'll meet seldomly ... that way we'LL have fucking things to taLk about like fucking many.. LOL!

3.I wish I can introduce aLLL my fucking friends from another group to aLL my fucking friends from another group ....But I know that would never work.. I tried that once... and this friend from the fucking so called rich ppL group tried to pick fight with my friends from the "bad boy" group.. hahaha.. Lucky I manage to control the situation ... coz who knows what mght happen .. right?

My FUCKING Enemies!!
Oh yeah.. I aint got no fucking enemies....LOL!

1.Like them..
2.Love them..
3.Want them..
4.Need them....
5.Aint got any of them...
6.Will never get any of them... LOL!...

Damn im so fucking bored....

Friday, May 22, 2009

I have so many things to say.. so here goes everything....

3.16am ... Im sitting here alone at our stall in KDCA..... I volunteered to stay here for the night in fear that our cooking equipments.. the tables and the chairs might catch the eyes of thieves.. Im dead sleepy ... but Im gonna wait until the end of this post ... then I'mma go crash in my sweet hoteL savvyfornia.....

A lot have happened to me in these past weeks.....one thing that is bothering me is "her" ...... Yes.. for the 1st time in 2 years.....im finally attracted to my oPposite sex again... Its not like I was gay or anything.. but once or twice in ur life u might go through an experience of such....(or maybe its just me) ... LOL ... I like her.... and she seems to be responding well....addressing me as "Mi amor" ? Thats suppose to mean something right? but its always like that kan? kes kes perasan .. and im always a victim... Maybe the fact that I allow myself to trip ... yeah... that explains it.....(tanya jawap sendiri ...I guess this is what happens when ur alone.. Wakakakaka!!)


I hope I can land her.. *fingers crossed* ...I kinda miss the time when I was with a girl... the huggin... the kissin... the argument.. the moment where I put my hand to the side of her face and kiss her on the forehead(my fav) ... LOL!!! ....Im not the jiwang type la.... but If im with a girl.. I try my best to be a gentle-man... and the last time I check...It is not a crime..

Other than that... The pipe here just burst...next to our stall....and so much water is going out ... I can call the maintenance crew but I doubt anyone would come and fix it at this time of the day.... tiapalah ba kan? kasi rugi KDCA sikit.. RM3200 oo satu stall..and they have like... 30 stalls all around here...do the math guys...

Bah.. kLa.. sa mengantuk suda.... sa p tdur luk la... kima...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Male versus Female

I read a joke at" the "laughter is the best medicine" section on reader's digest once.... and I am going to start this new post with that particular joke...

"When God created man.. and Woman... He had trouble deciding with HIS last 2 gifts... So HE called up Adam and Eve ...

Almighty: Okay... I have 2 gifts in my sack right now... Who wants to go 1st?
Adam:Me ! Me! Me!
Almighty: Okay Adam... U get to pee while standing up....
Adam: Yes!!! Thats cooL!Thanks Poppa!...
Almighty: Do not celebrate yet.... Eve.. You are next......
Eve: .....
Almighty: U get to have (drum rolls) ... Multiple Orgasm.....
Eve: Yay!! Thanks Pop!
Adam: Oh mannn!!!!!"


Okay ... now to my main points ...

Yes ... You girls get to have multiple orgasms.... and that is the ONE thing guys sure wanna have too....but bear in mind that u have to give birth to children... Bleed once every month,followed by migraines and severe abdominal pains (which is not fun at all, I know.. I kinda feel the pain when i am around girls with MS).... That is not something guys would do... not in another million lifetime....

I guess God knew what he was doing.... he balanced everything up... kan?

Girls are so much better than guys.. in every single way.. and i mean.. in Aaaaaaaa-very single way..... They have more will power... They are so much stronger (mentally)...

But what happened lately is that girls are becoming more and more egoistical (with their qualifications .. achievements and all) ....meaner in words..... and most are turning into "players" ....

I dont know... Maybe im just softer "inside" than most guys....

"But girls are suppose to be the sweeter part of God's creation ba..."

They are suppose to stand there by their man.. and walk through life with her man... giving full support in no matter what her man does.... But now that the cultural barrier is so much smaller... girls tend to go for guys who are ... bigger and better in every way that is above average for us, Sabahan guys...the ethnic sabahans.....

These are some of the statements I got from my day to day life experience with girls....

- "Sia mau kawin urang putih supaya anak sa handsome2.. cute2... tinggi2... mancung2 idung"
- "Sia mau kawing urang itam abis "BASAR"
- "Sia mau kawin urang putih supaya sa dapat lari dari malaysia"
- "Budak2 sabah kuat moginum..teda wawasan.. teda pendirian..."

What do I say to that?
"JADI APA LA KAMI MAU MAKAN????!!!!" Wakakakak!!!

Girls have so much easier options than guys u know... They dont have to worry about satisfying their man.... and they dont have to worry about wether or not they can provide for the family .... For guys...saiz mau ngam oo... kalau kicil mana urang putih mau! ... wakakaka!!! kalau teda duit lagi.. bye bye gaman... hehehe..Im saying this based on facts ok ? And not every single one of u blog readers doesnt know that this is indeed true...

Frustrations is all that is left in me.. I just hope things can be back to normal again.. where girls can be what they are suppose to be ..."The sweeter part of God's creation"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would you have kids and raise them in "this" world?

I have been thinking a lot lately.. Ever since I knew and experienced how the real world works... Murder... Corruption.. Pollution.. Discrimination.... Wars.. Pandemic diseases... Epidemic diseases...Global warming *sigh* ...

Those who are too naive... and too ignorant too see and notice these things are prone to have many big surprises through life for they have never think about the future...and whats coming their way....

I used to say... " Im gonna get married and have as many children as I can... "

And then I said " Im gonna get married... and have children according to my financial stability... more money .. more kids.. less money .. less kids" ...

Now I say " I wanna get married ... but I dont want to have kids... "

Why do I say this?

Its not because I hate kids.. I love kids.... I wanna have boys and girls..... and I wanna pick names.. I wanna teach them languages... I wanna teach them my culture and tradition.. I wanna raise them in a Catholic way.... I wanna play soccer with them... and I would surely want to see them succeed in life and evaluate how well have I raised them....

Buy like I said.. considering the fact that this world is never ever gonna be the same again ... with wars being fought everywhere around the world.. global warming issue... pollution.. Is this the the world u want to raise ur kids in? Would it be wise? Would they grow up according to plan with all this bad influences coming from their surroundings?......

I know what you are going to say next..

"Its our destiny to have kids.. Its our responsibility..... It would be selfish to have all the riches in the world but only have it to yourself.. instead of sharing it with a wife... or kids.. plus... Religion wise... It is said in the bible that we are here to multiply and populate the world... It is our calling... Take this challenge and grow... "

But wouldnt it be much more fulfilling and much more charitable to raise homeless orphans?Give them food,shelter and love for they are unwanted by their biological parents? Dont u think we would get more bLessings/Gratia from above if we did this?


To have or not to have? That is the question to ask..

P/S: It would be nice to have a lil girl or boi.. running around carrying my genetics... :P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lin si lin yong!!!!! Hi sei lah!!!

Have u ever met a person that would never admit that he/she lost a conversation with you? They always wanna win no matter what. Even if u manage to prove that they are wrong, they stiLL wont admit the lost.. and at every topic of conversation ur having ... he or she wiLL start his sentence with.. "Kalau SAYA... " .. or "Kalau KAWAN SAYA..." .. "kalau ADIK SAYA,KAKAK SAYA, ABANG SAYA... BAPA SAYA ... MAMA SAYA .. UNCLE SAYA " ... Pendek kata... EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THEM... AND THEY WIN IN EVERYTHING....

Contoh perbualan:NEUTRAL: Bola itu bulat.Si Bodoh yg sombong: Tidak .. boLa itu tidak buLat.. boLa itu segi empatKesimpulan: they know they are wrong but they wont admit it.. Just a simple conversation to give you the idea what Im trying to tell u...

For a much complicated sample check this outNeutral: Punya panas tu aircon... berpeluh2 sy dalam keretaSi Bodoh Yang Sombong : Mana ada panas tu.. Sejuk pun tu tadi sa cuba...(Lalu dia pun pergi menghidupkan kereta dan ternyata aircon kereta itu rosak dan panas... dia langsung puLang ke rumah kerana terlalu maLu dengan kebodohannya)

I know some people who are naturally born this way and we categorize them as ...well actually we dont know what to call them coz they can be a pain in the arse .. the thing is .. they are not aware of this .. and it itches me to say it to their face .. A little something like this...... "Ei geng... Kanapa ba gaya kau begini ni ? kenapa ba kau nda pandai kalah ni? Kurang ka baras mama kau kalau kau kalah satu kaLi??? Suda ampai2 kau tidak dapat lawan urang punya ckp kau masi mau manang.. dari mana ba kau balajar gaya kau begini ni??? Coz as far as I know ... Mama Bapa kau urang baik2 owh.. very down to earth.. and here you are taLking about what u know and what u have .. being conceited ... being cocky ..and being vain ... Sa lama suda mau ckp sama kau ba ni.. tapi sa sabarrrrrr sja .. apa maciam la gelfren/boyfren kau tahan sama kau ni?? ... Suda la tinggi diri... cakap besar.... kalau pun ko kaya. kalau pun ko pandai.. jangan la ba tayang2 .. urang sendiri buLi nampak ba ... Are u aware that you are being isolated by your frens.. your family? Kalau kau start beckp.. urang sekeliling kau satu2 pusing trus jalan.. pura2 pgi tandas.. pagi makan?? Ko sedarkah?????"

If I had the guts.. That is what I would say to this handfull of people who are not aware that they are irritating and annoying ALLLLLLLLLLL the time.. To judge a friend is the last thing I would do..Coz i was taught to accept a friend just the way they are.... Tapi kalau begini punya haL .. Kita tidak buLi kasi biar suda.. kita mesti ckp terus terang sama durang .. sebab kalau kita simpan dalam hati.. nanti kita sendiri jadi sot... coz as a friend.. it is our responsible to stop this agony from growing.. jangan sampai durang didik anak durang with this way.. which is to KASI BESAR DIRI durang d depan urang lain... We dont want a community that talk big.. but we want a community that is down to earth and humble... Urang tua2 ckp " Biar diam asal penuh.. jangan bising tapi kosong"....

Tapi sayang sekali.. Its not our nature to tell it to their face... So what can we do?? NOTHING.. We gonna have to learn how to ignore them.. and just let them be cocky.. arrogant...vain .. conceited... etc... etc... SENDIRI MAU PIKIR LA GENG!!!!!! Itu umpama cerita dongeng raja yang telanjang.. rakyat nampak dia bogel.. tapi rakyat tidak brani kasi pakai dia baju .. abis takut dia maLu.. jadi dia kana kasi biar sja talanjang sampai dia mati...

I know there's no point of me typing this down because it wont change anything.. but.. Im bored.. and I've been having this on my mind for a Longgggggg time now.. and .. its good to finally take it out of me..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friends? Acquaintance? or none what-so-ever?

Sorry. I have to post this.

I know some people that I thought were friends of mine but for some reason they just seem to ignore me and I dont know if its only me who think this way, they are avoiding me most of the time.

I added them on facebook, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. They approved me but when I sent them a msg through any of these three, no reply at all.

I am dead confused.....Should I care? Should I ignore them..or... *sigh* .. I dont know what to say or do.....

I tried ignoring them most of the time... I deleted them from my list.. I dont send any msgs whatsoever to further humiliate myself........ BUT.... when I see them outside(of the Internet World) .. at the club... in town or on the streets.... they act like they like me...and wants to be friends with me.. they talk to me..etc etc...but I can see it in their eyes and in their smile.... that they are not as sincere as they were before the first time we met...... FAKE smiles.. and eyes are not set at u...

I know I made some mistakes...and I apologized to every single one of them... But I guess they arent the type who forgive and forget..... I just hope they say it to my face... that they are uncomfortable whenever I am around.. that I ruin the fun ..I can always stay out of their way..

Sampai sa yang terhegeh² mau pgi greet diorang.. Say hi... Tanya khabar... .... :( I know .. its not wrong to lower ur ego.. stoop down and try to make friends with people who despises u... but .. there's a limit to how low I can bring my ego down.... I wish I can give up and just spit at their face whenever i see them and give them the middle finger.. But I cant ... I just cant..

And during this lent... I just want to forgive myself... and forgive them... "forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sins against us" ... A nun once told me.. "Forgive and forget .. and if they dont forgive you.. they wiLL be haunted by their own grudge and vengeance for the rest of their life" .... One more thing " To fuck is human..to forgive is devine..... Open confession ni....

So I hope.. u wiLL hate me less in the future....coz I started off with wrong foot... lets just start all over again....

"Hi ... My name is Velarry... but ppL caLL me yEyE.... I have a big mouth.. but i am now learning to keep it low.... so if u used to know me as this guy with a big mouth.. please dont be puzzled with the silence"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life is beautiful when it ends with purity..

It was a few months ago when my adopted bro broke the news to us.. that Judith (his wife) was havin complications with her pregnancy.Unfortunately her baby had "her" brain growing abnormally outside of "her" skull. It wasnt long after when "she" was mature enough to be operated out of "her" mother's womb.

03/04/09. 3pm. The baby was safely taken out via C-section. The doctor predicted that she could only survive 3 hours. Fr.Nicholas was there to baptist her. Angelica was her Christian name.

06/04/09 11.30am. I was polishing my car when my bro signalled the passing of baby Angelica. She was one tough little girl. She managed to prove the doctors wrong whn she lived a 3 days life instead of 3 hours as predicted. It was trully a sign of determination and the will to survive.

We escorted her back to Tuaran for her funeral. It had to be done on the same day because of some strong beliefs that we still have in our culture. We had our prayers and waited a while for the rain to pour less.

Her small Crucifix and her small umbrella. :) . And for some unknown reason, me and some other friends were able to smell incents in the air, which is impossible because it was raining cats and dogs at the cemetery. I believe that it was a good sign. It was and emotional evening for us.... My eldest bro who is as cold as ice cried like a baby as told by mom "He never cried like this before" ....

After the funeral.. I went home ... and as soon as I got into the house,mom asked me... "Did u feel anything strange on the way home?" ....I said "No" .. thats when she showed me a pretty butterfly the size of my palm on the wall...... :'( .... Again .. it shows.. that she is somewhere up there.... smilling.. as an angel... [ According to our traditional beliefs.. a butterfly that shows up in ur house is a sign that somebody wiLL be visiting soon.. and I would like to believe that it was her... :) ]

Rest in Peace Angelica.
03/04/09 - 06/04/09

Monday, March 30, 2009

Is being single a bad thing?

I have encountered many queries about my single life. I am not in anyway married nor am I in a relationship just to define "single".

"Why are u single? Why dont u find a girlfriend/lover? Ko tlampau memilih mangkali baini?tlampau byk mungkin ko punya mainan ni"

Its not about being choosy people...
Do u wanna know why?Its because I can not afford a girl.At least not anytime soon. And u know what comes next.
"Why do you need money to have a girlfriend?Money is not everything u know.. All u need is love" ...

You are not serious are you? *smile* What a lie...

Money is everything in a relationship if you ask me. You need money to make her happy... Buy her things.. flowers.. gifts.. bring her out for a movie.. for dates and support her in anyway u can...If she's happy .. u're happy.....If u cant provide her with anything.. then u might as well be single..

"Jangan la ba cari yang materialistik.. cariLah yang simple girl...or at least a working girl"

Ckp senang ging... Ko ingat senang ka cari prempuan yang tidak materialistik?.. walaupun dia simple.. tidak materialistic... but im sure u want a girl who knows how to look good for you...If u ask me .. I wouldnt want a girl who does not know how to dress herself up..or put make up on her face.... or use perfume on her body.. kan? kan? kan? And about her having a job and all.. dia ada other commitments ma kan? She has her family and maybe she has a little bro in school that she needs to support.. Its her responsible ma kan? Nah.... Takkan kau mau minta dia puLa? wah!

I can never act dumb and pretend that I dont care about all this major details..*pause* .... Maybe I can? seduce somebody that I like ... and be in a relationship and shuts everybody up? ... Which is a stupid thing to do... she would probably end up falling for some rich guy who can afford to buy her things and give her happiness..and dump a loser like me just like that... That happens all the time ok? :)

Now let me ask you something... Is it wrong to think ahead before you jump into something that might hurt u at the end of the day? Im that type of a person... So I guess im gonna have to let go of all those fine ladies that im going crazy for and let them find a man that can make them happy :(

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Ever Singing Competition

7pm- I had to rush out of the house because I couldnt afford to miss the briefing. As soon as i got there, BAD NEWS. I called Mark Mojitoh (the organizer ) earlier to inform him that I wish to use the existing karake CD there only to know that the CD is broken. So I went to the nearby CKS mart to look for the CD but it was one unsuccesful attempt. I drove back to Kepayan and tried my luck at the office. My CD was lying on my office desk. :P

I made it just in time for the briefing. There were 13 contestants and I was the 11th contestant to perform. While waiting for my turm to come, me and this other contestant, Bobby Matius (Last constestant to perform) made fun of the other contestants. It wasnt evil but honestly a way to get rid of the nervousness we had.
12.05am- Eventually my turn came (Ngam btl tu time kan? Awal pagi menyanyi.HAHA!).
The MC who introduced me was Davelyne and she asked me a few Qs before I started singing. My knees and my hands were shaking like heLL man!! ...I couldnt control it and it was pretty obvious I think. My 1st song was ok. It wasnt until halfway then I found the momentum to sing it properly. I struggled through my 2nd song. My throat was as dry as sand...

I can never describe how glad I was to reach the end of my excruciating performance. Then comes the time for the judges to give out comments. Somehow I feel like I was in Akademi Fantasia or something. hehe...

1st judge (Monica Ongkosing) : Korosi koh ogi? (Which is Lotud for - U were scared were u?)
Me: Hatei! Bang moita-ita oku poh ( Lotud for - I wish I was drunk)
I could actually hear Othoe laughed in the crowd. Probably the fact the he's the only one who understood the conversation. hEhE...
Judge: I like the way u used the stage. It was a good try. Be more creative with ur performance next time.
Me: Thanx..
2nd Judge (Diana Tuning) : I dont feel like im at you in a singing competition.. I feel like im looking at you at your own concert...In the future,U shud try considering going your own way and singing at your own concert.
Me: Wow...
Judge : ur 2nd song is a bad choice tho... it was too long... 5 minutes is it?
Me: 6 to be exact....
Judge: I can see that you had a difficult time to sustain the high note at the end...
Me: yeah..
Judge: God Bless you..
Me: Thx...
I did not hear a word what the 3rd judge was saying.. all I got was "dua-dua lagu" ... haha!
Well .. I didnt make it to the finals... but overall ... I had fun (making fun of the other contestants...) and I will surely keep this precious experience close to me mind and heart.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm NO player....

There have been some speculations and accusations that i'm a "player" (Player as in, a guy who lies,cheats and wrongly doing girls, womanizer, playboy etcetera etcetera.) However you want to describe a player.

People I know, and some I barely know or just met seems to be really good at judging. I do not blame them at all. I find no reason to get hurt with these mean and and cruel comments. Comments like:-

* "Ko tau ka napa teda prempuan suka kau? Muka ko nda buli trust ba" Mr.D
* "Ko player o kan yE? " Ms.E
* " Casanova o kau kan? " Ms.W
* " You need to shave your eyebrow, It makes you look like a liar/player " Mr.V

(Names have been removed to avoid unwanted confrontations :P)

I am kind of "proud" and sucking everything in like they were compliments because as far as I know, a player have always been defined as somebody (guy or gal) who is very good with words, good looking and have a way around the opposite sex. While I, on the other hand is the OTHER WAY ROUND. I am ugly and girls despise me. I'm somewhat jerkish and unfortunately an ASS to them because I say things to their face. I am no lie thats for sure.

The fact that I am single makes things worst. I've been single for more than 2 years now and people think that I have been jumping on and off from one girl to another all this while. I can not the deny the fact that im not the type that commits but I also can not deny the fact that im somewhat disturbed by these statements.


I am no player people. I am a freakin loser. :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mau kasi puas hati Christina ... hehe

1. What is your name : Velarry
2. A four letter word : Vain
3. A boy's name : Vidic
4. A girl's name : Violette
5. An occupation : ?? i have no idea... LOL! Voctor? wakkakakkakakka
6. A color : bah... matai.. Vurple? wakakkakakkakkakkak!!!
7. Something you'll wear: Valcro ...
8. A food : Vizza..... :P
9. Something found in the bathroom: Vhampoo
10. A place : Virginia USA
11. A reason for being late : Voke up late.... waakakaka!!!
12. Something you'd shout : Vukima.... wakakakakkak!!!!
13. A movie title : Valkyrie
14. Something you drink : Vodka!!!
15. A musical group : Vetallica...
16. An animal : Viger? Vion? Vat? Vog? hahaha... I dont know any
17. A street name : Velarry Street
18. A type of car : Viper Dodge
19. Title of a song : V dont want to miss a thing ....

Oh my... this is hard!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Copied from Christina Eleanor

1. What is your name : Velarry
2. A four letter word : Poor
3. A boy's name : Alexandriano
4. A girl's name : Claudine [Im gonna name my baby girl w this name. I think its french.That IF i get one]
5. An occupation : Auto Mechanic
6. A color : Chrome
7. Something you'll wear: Havaianas beach footwear
8. A food : Smoked wildboar meat... ;p
9. Something found in the bathroom: Hair conditioner
10. A place : Mesilau, Ranau
11. A reason for being late : Woke up late
12. Something you'd shout : Arrrrghhhhh!!!!
13. A movie title : Fools Rush In
14. Something you drink : Kopi O kaw Ping
15. A musical group : Aerosmith
6. An animal : German Shepherd
17. A street name : 7th Avenue
18. A type of car : Chevy Impala ( Xtina stole my cadiLLac)
19. Title of a song : Walk This Way!!!!!! Aerosmith

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates! Updates! Read all about it!!!

Its been a while since I went back to my birthplace (Tambunan, Sabah). The last time was Christmas time I think..
Mom was driving. I was sitting at the back with my nephew Ian, sleeping.

It was raining Dragons and Phoenixs (Enhanced version of Cats and Dogs) on the way to Tambunan. Mom ran over a puddle of water which then splashed onto a little girl running frantically in the rain. Pity girl. Mom only said "Siou.. nda sengaja". (After all this while babbling about driving slowly *pfftt!*)
On the way up, we wondered why there were so many police cars coming down heading to KK. And at one sharp corner of the road, lies a battered vehicle. an eary site to see, ready to be towed away. (It turns out that a couple with their 3 year old child from Tuaran died in that car crash. They were on their way back from Tenom for a wedding. The baby stroller was still lying on the road when we were on our way back frm Tambunan.Sad. God bLess their souls)
Thick fog was causing visibility limitation. I wasnt able to see anything coming from the front at any distant of 0-50m. I bet mom was having more trouble (four eyes that she is)
Upon arriving in Tambunan, we stopped a bit at Sunsuron to buy some vegetables for DINNER!!! Ian woke up with a cheerful face and said " Wah! Magic oso Odu? Capat oso sampai?!" In whatever language he was trying to converse in. I just smiled. :) I took some pictures of the Tuhau

and the Bosou being displayed there. SLURPS!

We did not go straight to grandma's but we went to Kg.Rompon (on the way to Keningau Town) instead. You wanna know why?To get Sinalau do BAKAS!!!! . (Smoked Wildboar meat)Hahaha... I have been dreaming to eat it since forever. Another slurp!! SLURPS!

I bought 3 boxes of ready to eat Nangka (jackfruit, and guess what the old lady who was selling those said to me? "Ini bukan Durian". I was like, "what*&^%$#@!????!!!!" Macam sa nda tau beza nangka sama durian sja! . I'm a kampung boy abuuu..I know.. Anyway... I kinda found it funny. hihihihi :D
After that we went to Grandma's place. On the way we saw some "horses waiting for the bus"

Much to our surprise "food" was lying everywhere in Tambunan. LOL

She was there to greet us. Sitting proudly infront of her canteen. Glad to see her smiling at us. She didnt look that ill with a smile on her face. Mom cooked. And guess what we had for dinner. Sup Bakas w Tonsomon, Bakas masak kicap, Sayur Bunga w Bakas and Ikan Masin(odd one?)Hahaha. Watched Tv, Chat a bit with Uncle David and his family. And then we went to bed coz grandma as always was like "Odop tokou noh... Au koposik moi sambayang suab" which means " Lets go to sleep. We have to wake up early for church" :) ... I'm gonna miss her saying that....
Woke up at 7.31am for the first time in my life after high school by the loud and screeching voice of my nephew Ian "Uncle yEyE!!!! Wake up Odu Sayyyyyy!!! Wan go chus!!" Oh my ghost!! A part of me love him and a part of me want to strangle him to death... HAHAHA!! okay.. So I woke up.. took shower and then we went to Church. After church we went to Tambunan Golf Club for brunch. And then we went back to my grandma's place. I had a nap woke up and My mom signaled the departure. Said our goodbyes and off we went. On the way mom stopped for some vegetables and bambangan. I took a picture of wild berries locally known as Gurimot.

Its red in color have a hollow texture. SUPER SOUR in taste. Anyway... check out the pictures.. :) . Now im back in Tuaran posting the bLog. haha.. tiL my next post. See you!! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There was a big dispute abt wether or not I can speak my native tongue of Dusun Lotud.Somesay I only speak the lang when Im drunk. You be the judge

Monongkupalad oku do nokorikot kou hiti blog ku numa'a. Aranggoi itih karasa'an ku doh hino kou ina'natanan hiti. Okon oni koh mongulou oku ih poh om okon oni koh waro ih poh kadayan ulohon ku do amu oku koilo monuang lotud kan idoh. tapi.. obuai noh do waro ginawo ku popokito do kadayan do ari nopo raha do suang lotud poinluyung hiti inan ku.

Banar oni do liwan di ina ku mantad hiLu tombunan om banar oni,do okon ih poh noponu raha do suang lotud hiti saralom inan ku. Do waro oni raha do kina, om waro oni raha do iban ponong hilu ih ina ku. tapi .. Hiti tuaran do nakagayo oku om hiti tuaran do nokosikul oku. Korongou oku nopo ari tu ongoh ko'odu-odu'an.. Om ongoh aki-aki... Amu ih do arahi do liwan nopo. "Dusun Darat" kan idoh. Waro do ko'ulou hiti "saralom" ..Ko'ihad waro oni ... do liwan noh di ina ku..

Nah,Intangai muyuh,ii yEyE,Anak ii Suon,Mongkupu ii ari Akin Sogiban@Simbakang@Orow. Monuang Lotud nopo, ko'ihad tih ongoh ko'odu-oduan,Ko'opi tih ongoh aki-aki. Nombo noh ari tu ongo full-blooded Lotud? Kasa'ap idoh joki? Sangadau suab nopo "Ah! Tombirang anak-anak tari!" kan idoh. Okon koh tombirang itih. Banar-banar oku noh do banar oku...hehehe.....

Miso noh amu oku puas hati. Atih tu kakadayanan do Suang Lotud do "wagu". Hino idoh nopo, om monuang Lotud oku nopo, amu mumbongut joki.Malayuuuuu oni ari tu gutok² . Milo oni kira'on ari tu mumbongut joki Suang Lotud. Maa do ih anti ku, ii Kalakau. Ih angkol ku, ii Monggoh. Ih Ansib,Ama ari tu ruhang² ku ii czer. Ari² noh potoi. Ama ku sondiri, ih Suon! amu monuang Lotud joki. Nokuro maa dinoh? Ingkuro balajar maa nopo dinoh?

Sangadau suab nopo, omiso nopo tih Suang Lotud.. Isai tih sala'an tokou?? Kakadayanan do poguLu. Ko'odu-odu'an om aki². Ama² om ina². do amu oni monuang lotud kuma'a karamanakan.

Om, maa doh ula noh. Hitih noh iti. Sala' poh do Aaamu. Kon? Abaya'an kou noh? do, amu oku nopo noita, kakal poh do asampin oku? hEhEHEHe.. paLan² gih. Waro kokowo'o ku. Bai...

p/s: Due to the fact of limited Lotud vocab, I had to pinjam some from the Malay and English vocs. :)
This was a conversation I had with an aunt:
Hi aunty!
hi, how r u?

aranggoi.. ikau?

aranggoi iboh, ikou?

kakal poh miau.. hahaha!!

ha ha ha kirim salam kaman



nombo koh? hilu kL?

KL boh. muli bulan 5 potoi

atui.. obuwai ih poh talalu...

ah, amu oroso boh mari

banar oni ...

bah bye kaman,

bah..bye.. rongoy ronggoyo gih


Yada Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah....

Its 1.34 am. Im wondering whats my friends and family are doing right now. I know mom and dad are in bed. Sharon Ann Kabinchong told me she's off to bed.Carol Kabinchong too. Oh yeah. By the way, They are cousins . I have a few friends who are online at my YM and MSN account. But I'm pretty sure that they wont respond to me that weLL at this time of the day.Im as sleepy as a cat in the day (nocturnal as they are). If I go lie down right now. I would faLL asLeep like a man high on booze.But Hey,Im on Leave.So I better make the most out of it. I know I'm suppose to limit my online time during this Lent, but I just cant control myself. *sigh* Hey... at least im setting limitations on my intake of food and alchohoL right? and not to forget entertainment. 40days bebeh. I dont knot If i can wait that Long.

I've been typing about girLs.. Love... Music.. Booze.... Food.. Tradition...and aLL types of $ht$ during my involvement in the blogging culture and to be honest, Thats all there is in me...I just dont have a cLue what to type about anymore....of course I can go on and on about girLs .... girLs ....and girLs... (hEhE... kidding) ... but the thing is... It can be quite a chaLLenge when you are NOT the type who taLk crap about everything.

To be honest.. I find no reason why im in this bLogging thing. We dont get paid as we aLL know... SO WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL ARE WE DOING HERE???!!! I ask myself these Qs:-

Q:Was I influenced by other's blog and blogging?
A: Curiosity kiLLed the cat

Q:Do I find it beneficial?
A:It MAYYYYY have improved my writting/typing ability.
A:The discovery of new words from other acquaintence's blog MAY have broaden my vocabulary.
But other than that? :S

Q:What topic do I write to get comments as many as the other bloggers linked to me?
A: I aint got no idea man!! I see ppL blog about minor $ht and get 20 - 30 comments. I blog about real things and serious things I get none? WTF???!!!

Anyway... Its not like Im gonna delete my blog or anything. And Its not like I have anything against bloggers and this blog thingy. But ya'LL know how it is. People tend to speak out.. or in this case TYPE OUT what they think or feeL... Confusions.disatisfactions.Frustrations. Its aLL human right? Im just gonna continue my nature as a sport. and just for the fun and Love of typing/writting guys. Thats why I'm stiLL here.Contributing a piece of whats on my mind. Like they say "Apa guna dapat A dalam penulisan time UPSR?" kan? hahahahaah!!!!!!!!

Life sucks!!!but Life goes on. You never know whatcha gonna get. Terms and quotes. I've always like them. It gives me inspiration. and my personal favorite is definitely "Lo mas importante es la esfuerzo" which actuaLLy means "The most important thing is the effort" .. :) Im a simple guy. That quote also translates to " Ada ..ada lah. Tiada.... Tiada Lah"

Okay... Now its 2.10am . I've wasted approximately 26 minutes of me Life on bLogging. Someday during the judgement, HE will ask me " Velarry, You spent 30 minutes of typing crap and never exceeded 3 minutes of prayers to me" ... and If HE had a sense of humor which i'm 100% sure he dont i'll say " Oh Almighty Father, you know me well... I'm too lazy to even stand up let alone kneel and pray....U know how I love You.. You created me....Sorry boss" ...

All typing came down to this. It turns out I can pray through blogging too.... there... 30 minutes of blogging.

26 minutes of typing crap
4 minutes of a moment with Him [u c? i ingat YOU kan? ;p]

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.... Amen....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Match me in my list of Exotic Food

All my life I have been trying all sorts of exotic food. Some are just plain nasty to me but im quite proud with the accomplished few. :) These are the least said...

1. Smoked Civet/Musang/Kinoring Temuning
2. Monitor Lizard/Biawak
3. Beetle Larvae/Ulat Sagu/Gutod
4. Frog/Katak/Bongkok
5. Smoked Python/Ular Sawa/Kinoring Lopung
6. Tadpoles/Berudu/Landoi
7. Bee Larvae/Anak Tebuan/Tanak do Surun
8. Pig Intestines/Perut Karabau Pindik (hahaha!!!) yuck....
9. Dragonfly Larvae/Larva Pepatung/Sunsuri Gipan

I have yet to conquer Belalang Goreng,Dog Meat and Balot. But I dare not taste them :S

Friends.Weekend.Weddings.Something about everything.


I attended a wedding held at Linangkit Cultural Village in Tuaran. I came a bit late but it was quite entertaining for me...I had some drinks and I danced like heLL. I was Sweating like heLL. After a whiLe. we kind ran out of drinks. So GirLy, Ben and Bino decided to leave. I planned to wait for more drinks to come but I kinda feLL asleep on the chair due to an early wake up caLL by my boss. I went home and had 2 hours of sleep before i went online. I called Bino up for supper.and went to pick him up at his place. went back and continued with my sleeping.


I went to church. I went to have lunch at a local restaurant (Mei Siang to be exact). and then once again we planned to go to a wedding. and this time in Inanam where the sister to friend of ours wiLL have her 2nd reception at home. I planned to get drunk again. So I asked my friend Nick to pick me up at home. at around 6.12pm they reached my place. So we went. Upon arriving we were greeted and seated. I think I was turning red (malu) . I know only a handfuLL of people and it was ... uncomfortable. I was not alone.Nelson kept lookin at his mobiLe phone expecting for a text msg or a call just to cover up. I had one can of beer and chated a bit with the host Elsie.... and Sharon ( one of the few ppL i know there) before we left..... searching for more... ... We went to 3 different cLubs and end up eating burger at Upperstar. LOL!

Rumba (Closed)

BED (Open+empty)

Shen (Closed)

The end.We went home.


Its my 1st day of the 1 week break I get from the company im working for. I spend all day chatting. I was so bored.So I decided to loqo. hAhAhA. Painted my face white. and the rest was a SURPRISING result. I got so many comments such was


"Holy cow! U look like the joker!!"

"Kalau budak nampak kau nangis trus oo!"

"Punya buruk kau!!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A rather weird/awkward day.....

It was my first ever visit to T***** Crocodile farm last Tuesday 17/02/2009. But I think it is going to be my last... We reached there at about 3.15pm. Just in time for the croc show... It was quiet exciting at first .. thinking how dangerous it would be for the performers to be around those beasts...

UNTIL the host of the show said " I would like to invite all of you to clap ur hands to the sound of music we are going to play" (The song was Jambatan Tamparuli) .One of the performer placed a medium size crocodile on his head and started to move side to side as if the crocodile was dancing the Sumazau. I was so surprise with that act. It seems so dead STUPID to me and I did not find it amusing or funny at all... *Pfft!* .. While they were showcasing their dumbness.. I went around for a whiLe...

I decided to go back to the show pond. This time they had this huge 12ft Buaya Tembaga out of the water. and they were standing on him .. sitting on him and one even placed their hand inside the croc's mouth.. Foreigners was amazed... but I just think that it was just an obesed croc who was just too lazy to even move and just slept all the way while the so called "performers" do what they do... *pfft!*

P/S : The only good thing about the visit was i was given rm2 commission for every guest i bring there... hahahahaahah!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009






BROKEN (the lead singer from evanescence and the guy)








Krazy (PitbuLL)



WHAT IS 2+2?























to die?


wiLL surely die from the heavy drinking



















UHs and AHs about Valentine's Day

Every where I go.. Ever since the month of February started ... All I hear is "Apa lah kau buat time V-day? " = " What are you planning to do on V-day? " ... " Siapa Lah date kau on V-day? " = " Who is your date on V-day" .... I'm trying my best not to burst into the biggest rage volcano ever recorded in history...

For your information people... I am a Dusun guy... I was not brought up in a westernized family that makes such a big deal about Valentine's Day.. Halloween or whatever the heLL there is about celebrations and fiestas in the worLd.... All I care about is Christmas and Tadau Kaamatan..

If you ask me.. there is no such thing as love in the world that we live in today... Especially when you talk about love between 2 member of the opposite sex.. I see people around me.. My friends.. and even My family members.. immediate .. or distant relatives..who says that " Buat apa dia sayang sa kalau teda duit? dapat kasi makan saya kah tu kalau dia punya sayang kuat ? " which basically means " No money No Love "

Even if I care.... and Even if I do celebrate this particular date.... this is my opinion lah... Doesnt it occur to you guys that you do NOT have to wait til' its Valentine's Day or ur wedding anniversary to let your partner know how much you love them or care for them???? Roses and chocolates are available ALLLLL year round man....everyday for 365 days... come on... So dont wait until its Valentine's Day .. Roses are sold out ... THEN pretend u wanna treat your girl or ur guy with Roses or Chocolate...
I have given up hope on love a long time ago... and I think its for good... I can not deny the fact that I have feelings towards some girls.... I stiLL faLL in crush once in while.. But I guess "NOT LOVABLE ENOUGH" is pasted on ALL OVER MY FACE ( With RED ink,a color which is always used as a warning sign ) .. That doesnt bother me at all (Maybe a little bit but not enough to break me down into pieces... ) ... Like everybody else...I'm stiLL waiting for that one person that i have a crush on to just say " I have a crush on you too... I like you.. lets make it happen " ... I doubt that would ever happen.. So now.. I'm lovin one particular locally invented quote which goes like this " ADA, ADA LAH. TEDA? TEDA LAH" .... Good bye the world of Love.. May we meet again.. :)

With this post. I pronounce EVERYDAY except 14th of February as Velarry's Day. Thank You and Good bye! .. HEhEhEHEhEhE

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think i`m getting better ..

Charlin Alabado Delvo at 1:01pm February 4
Pare, ya lastnite i had 'dragonflies' in my stomach..... alot! LOL

Velarry Edward Suan Orow at 1:03pm February 4
talaga ba babae? bakit ito ?

Charlin Alabado Delvo at 1:06pm February 4
darating na yung tao hinihintay ko! super saya ako, pare!.... pero may panic ako kunti, kaya yung feeling ko parang maraming 'dragonflies' eh LOL... hahaha well ko tau lah kan (after a while of keeping myself static)....

Velarry Edward Suan Orow at 1:11pm February 4
waiseh... mabuti para sayo babae! i'm glad that finally pumunta ka na para dates kalakip lalaki ....

Charlin Alabado Delvo at 1:17pm February 4
Op chors!!.... I'm moving on na eh.... "I love to move it, move it!" hahahaha...

Velarry Edward Suan Orow at 1:20pm February 4
hahaha..... ! ok ok ... again.. glad to know that... ;p gusto ako salubungin lover mo..kasasama kita pumunta sa rumba... hEhEhE...

Charlin Alabado Delvo at 1:24pm February 4
Hahahaha sana nga eh, pare! Kaya lang, masyadong good boy at mabait itong 'fafa' ko ehh.. Hinde uminom at hinde nagyoyosi... So Rumba isn't dat suitable por him... Hwag mong problemahin yan... pag may time sa sunod, doon nalang tayo upperstar.... OK..., cge apirrrr tayo!!! LOL.... (funny eh aku rasa)

Velarry Edward Suan Orow at 1:26pm February 4
talaga ba babae? may ka isang good boy diyan.. hahaha! anyway..... just hoLa kung may outing kayo..... pumunta ako sa upperstar straight away... hEhE...

Jeremy Ronald at 1:29pm February 4
aikks yeyeh...bakit ng sinung aling mo??

Charlin Alabado Delvo at 1:30pm February 4
Cge! Definitely will...

Velarry Edward Suan Orow at 1:33pm February 4
Hindi ako sinungaling jeremy .. matapat ako ito... ;p sigeh na babae...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Interview with a Street Fighter

When my brother got married 5 years ago, a big fight occured between street fighters from my district with another group from another district. The next day It was on the front page of a local newspapers. This encouraged me to know more about a particular street fighting group called T***** C***.

All our life, we have been very well informed by the existence of high profile gangs/mobs that causes terror in many parts of the world. African-American (Crips and Bloods), Latinos (MS-13) , Italians, Irish, Japanese Yakuza, Russian, Chinese and etcetera etcetera.From my own observation and from my own point of view, there is a big difference between a gangster/mafia and a street fighter. At one of the districts in Sabah, there is one particular district where street fights does not involve weapons such as guns and machetes. They use their body as offence and defense. It might not sound as interesting but I am going to have to be discreet about the name of this particular group and their members.

T***** C*** . There is no distinctive leader of this group. They only have the "respected" ones. The most experience will usually be the one they obey or listen to.

The street fighting group is very well known among friends and family of existing and retired members of the group. Causing havoc at almost everyday at the small town. Feuds are mostly caused by misunderstanding between one ethnicity with another. People would gather around and witness these fights in awe and the authority would eventually come and take them in. Which is a good thing because this is the only way to avoid casualties.

The strategy of the group is to "start first". This is the only way to win a street fight because for them, the most daring will always win. Hesitation often leads to severe humiliation and defeat.

Now let me bring you all through a fight. A leader from both sides will have a talk and find a way to settle their arguements but when they can not find anything to satisfy both sides ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE

The frontliners will usually start the fight. Followed by the finishers.

These are the few identified members.

The pioneers
M***, M****** , F****, N***, E***, A***

A****, Y**, L**, A***, D***, A***, A***, J***, D****, B***, R**, E***, S***, J** ***

E***, A* ****, B**, A* ***

Most of the members have settled down with their wife and kids. Some are now working with the government and NGOs. Leaving nothing but their legacy as one of the most feared street fighters.

P/S : (I was informed that the group had a faithful ally from a small but notorious B**** P****)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here's a compilation of song titles and lyrics from some of the best songs I have ever heard in me Life....

To all the girls i've loved before.. who traveled in and out my door.. i'm glad they came along.. I dedicate this song .. to all the girls i've loved before.....I've been in love so many times, I thought I knew the score... but now you've treated me so wrong.. I can't take anymore... and it looks like .. i`m never gonna fall in love again......Your body is wonderland ... She's so dangerous.... But I like the scandal.....All my life .. I prayed for someone like you... but I think I'm going crazy for you... I was crying just to get you now i`m dying coz I let u do what you do to me..

I had a friend who spoke of faith and he knew of another place in space and time... He told of how me and my lady could look but we would never find... Gotta find a way.. yeah... I cant wait another day.. aint nothin gonna change.. If we stay right here.. gotta do what it takes... coz its all in our hands we all make mistake but its never too late to start again and take another breath.. and say another pray.. we'LL fLy away....

She got eyes of the bluest sky and I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain... Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place where as a child i'd hide....I dont like to sleep alone.. and everytime u go away... u take a piece of me with you.... I dont want to talk about it... I dont want to close my eyes.. I dont want to fall asleep coz i need u baby.. and I dont want to miss a thing...

Sitting here wasted and wounded .. at this old piano.. trying hard to capture the moment.. this morning I dont know... cause a bottle of vodka still lodged in my head....I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses...and I thank you for loving me.. ;p I wanted you to know.. that I like the way you laughed .. I wanna hold u high and still your pain.. coz I'm broken ... and i'm lonesome.. but I dont see u here.. coz ur gone away.....

Monday, January 26, 2009


"Singing is my passion".... " I love music" .... "I like dancing so much!" . ...

Well,thats what they aLL say... and that is what we all hear.... It may sound cliche.... but Exclude me not.... I love music... I like dancing .. and Music is definitely life for me... It is a powerful medium between human and life.... It connects people in every imaginable way....

I personally started to appreciate music at a very tender age... The very 1st kind of music was definitely those Malay boybands like KRU .. or 4u2C ( For this i hate my eldest bro.. I wonder why he had to be a fan of those sissy boys) ...... and sloowwwly started to slap my ears to the stereo with them Malay Rock Bands such as Search, May and Wings.... Its safe to say that I started off with the wrong foot when I let my self being influenced by those cuss and dissing by my all time favourite Afro-American Trio Snoop,Dre and Pac... But I would never bLame them because afterall... they are musicians too.... ( Now this is what I call expressive music oldest bro)

I learnt the guitar when I was 9 or 10... Not a good start when u consider all the other music geniuses who started early.... But yes .. It helped me a lot with my way through,understanding melody, beat and tempo... My 2nd bro taught me with what he has... and I just went downhiLL after that .. memorizing chords and creating my own fingerings along the lovely frets...making love with music everytime...

I was 13 0r 14 when I heard the good news... My sister Pet was chosen as one of the members of a group called by'U .. after she succesfully went through a series of audition in Malaysia's 1st reality tv show "Popstars"..She contributed weLL with the launch of their 1st album entitled "Segalanya" .... After her contract was over,she went out with a self-titled solo album.. I was really proud of her .. but at the same time ...I envy her.. because we both know how much we are into music...but she`s always the one who was born talented .. While I was a "built" singer...

I started to write songs in 2007. I did not have anything to do at that time .. I created my music with my old Kapok Guitar ..and recorded them with my mom's cassette player... *giggles* I desperately want to be in the music scene.. if not at the national level.. I would settle with the state music scene.. but the problem is.. I have never been in any sort of competition what so ever... The level of this stage fright that I have is UNTHINKABLE!..... I easily forget my lyrics right after the goosebumps that comes with the clap.. LOL!.. But yeah.. as I grew mature... I found that I can already withstand the presure(or so i think) ... and I think I will pursue my dreams this year... 2009! ... I hope it is going to be a good year because I want to be on TV ... hahahaahahaha!!! kidding.... Anyway....ready or not... Here I come... :)