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I am 5'7 and I dont really update myself with my weight. The last time I checked, I was 70kg. I have tan skin,brown eyes,i cut my hair with size 1 twice a week and etc.Well, I am just an ordinary person. Speaking of ordinary, I dont have any disabled forearms and my face is perfectly fine. I am straight and so far, I dont think I have any enemies. I am trying my best to be a good citizen of God and also to my country. I want to have a better life and hopefully someday my dream wiLL come true.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Is being single a bad thing?

I have encountered many queries about my single life. I am not in anyway married nor am I in a relationship just to define "single".

"Why are u single? Why dont u find a girlfriend/lover? Ko tlampau memilih mangkali baini?tlampau byk mungkin ko punya mainan ni"

Its not about being choosy people...
Do u wanna know why?Its because I can not afford a girl.At least not anytime soon. And u know what comes next.
"Why do you need money to have a girlfriend?Money is not everything u know.. All u need is love" ...

You are not serious are you? *smile* What a lie...

Money is everything in a relationship if you ask me. You need money to make her happy... Buy her things.. flowers.. gifts.. bring her out for a movie.. for dates and support her in anyway u can...If she's happy .. u're happy.....If u cant provide her with anything.. then u might as well be single..

"Jangan la ba cari yang materialistik.. cariLah yang simple girl...or at least a working girl"

Ckp senang ging... Ko ingat senang ka cari prempuan yang tidak materialistik?.. walaupun dia simple.. tidak materialistic... but im sure u want a girl who knows how to look good for you...If u ask me .. I wouldnt want a girl who does not know how to dress herself up..or put make up on her face.... or use perfume on her body.. kan? kan? kan? And about her having a job and all.. dia ada other commitments ma kan? She has her family and maybe she has a little bro in school that she needs to support.. Its her responsible ma kan? Nah.... Takkan kau mau minta dia puLa? wah!

I can never act dumb and pretend that I dont care about all this major details..*pause* .... Maybe I can? seduce somebody that I like ... and be in a relationship and shuts everybody up? ... Which is a stupid thing to do... she would probably end up falling for some rich guy who can afford to buy her things and give her happiness..and dump a loser like me just like that... That happens all the time ok? :)

Now let me ask you something... Is it wrong to think ahead before you jump into something that might hurt u at the end of the day? Im that type of a person... So I guess im gonna have to let go of all those fine ladies that im going crazy for and let them find a man that can make them happy :(

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Ever Singing Competition

7pm- I had to rush out of the house because I couldnt afford to miss the briefing. As soon as i got there, BAD NEWS. I called Mark Mojitoh (the organizer ) earlier to inform him that I wish to use the existing karake CD there only to know that the CD is broken. So I went to the nearby CKS mart to look for the CD but it was one unsuccesful attempt. I drove back to Kepayan and tried my luck at the office. My CD was lying on my office desk. :P

I made it just in time for the briefing. There were 13 contestants and I was the 11th contestant to perform. While waiting for my turm to come, me and this other contestant, Bobby Matius (Last constestant to perform) made fun of the other contestants. It wasnt evil but honestly a way to get rid of the nervousness we had.
12.05am- Eventually my turn came (Ngam btl tu time kan? Awal pagi menyanyi.HAHA!).
The MC who introduced me was Davelyne and she asked me a few Qs before I started singing. My knees and my hands were shaking like heLL man!! ...I couldnt control it and it was pretty obvious I think. My 1st song was ok. It wasnt until halfway then I found the momentum to sing it properly. I struggled through my 2nd song. My throat was as dry as sand...

I can never describe how glad I was to reach the end of my excruciating performance. Then comes the time for the judges to give out comments. Somehow I feel like I was in Akademi Fantasia or something. hehe...

1st judge (Monica Ongkosing) : Korosi koh ogi? (Which is Lotud for - U were scared were u?)
Me: Hatei! Bang moita-ita oku poh ( Lotud for - I wish I was drunk)
I could actually hear Othoe laughed in the crowd. Probably the fact the he's the only one who understood the conversation. hEhE...
Judge: I like the way u used the stage. It was a good try. Be more creative with ur performance next time.
Me: Thanx..
2nd Judge (Diana Tuning) : I dont feel like im at you in a singing competition.. I feel like im looking at you at your own concert...In the future,U shud try considering going your own way and singing at your own concert.
Me: Wow...
Judge : ur 2nd song is a bad choice tho... it was too long... 5 minutes is it?
Me: 6 to be exact....
Judge: I can see that you had a difficult time to sustain the high note at the end...
Me: yeah..
Judge: God Bless you..
Me: Thx...
I did not hear a word what the 3rd judge was saying.. all I got was "dua-dua lagu" ... haha!
Well .. I didnt make it to the finals... but overall ... I had fun (making fun of the other contestants...) and I will surely keep this precious experience close to me mind and heart.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm NO player....

There have been some speculations and accusations that i'm a "player" (Player as in, a guy who lies,cheats and wrongly doing girls, womanizer, playboy etcetera etcetera.) However you want to describe a player.

People I know, and some I barely know or just met seems to be really good at judging. I do not blame them at all. I find no reason to get hurt with these mean and and cruel comments. Comments like:-

* "Ko tau ka napa teda prempuan suka kau? Muka ko nda buli trust ba" Mr.D
* "Ko player o kan yE? " Ms.E
* " Casanova o kau kan? " Ms.W
* " You need to shave your eyebrow, It makes you look like a liar/player " Mr.V

(Names have been removed to avoid unwanted confrontations :P)

I am kind of "proud" and sucking everything in like they were compliments because as far as I know, a player have always been defined as somebody (guy or gal) who is very good with words, good looking and have a way around the opposite sex. While I, on the other hand is the OTHER WAY ROUND. I am ugly and girls despise me. I'm somewhat jerkish and unfortunately an ASS to them because I say things to their face. I am no lie thats for sure.

The fact that I am single makes things worst. I've been single for more than 2 years now and people think that I have been jumping on and off from one girl to another all this while. I can not the deny the fact that im not the type that commits but I also can not deny the fact that im somewhat disturbed by these statements.


I am no player people. I am a freakin loser. :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mau kasi puas hati Christina ... hehe

1. What is your name : Velarry
2. A four letter word : Vain
3. A boy's name : Vidic
4. A girl's name : Violette
5. An occupation : ?? i have no idea... LOL! Voctor? wakkakakkakakka
6. A color : bah... matai.. Vurple? wakakkakakkakkakkak!!!
7. Something you'll wear: Valcro ...
8. A food : Vizza..... :P
9. Something found in the bathroom: Vhampoo
10. A place : Virginia USA
11. A reason for being late : Voke up late.... waakakaka!!!
12. Something you'd shout : Vukima.... wakakakakkak!!!!
13. A movie title : Valkyrie
14. Something you drink : Vodka!!!
15. A musical group : Vetallica...
16. An animal : Viger? Vion? Vat? Vog? hahaha... I dont know any
17. A street name : Velarry Street
18. A type of car : Viper Dodge
19. Title of a song : V dont want to miss a thing ....

Oh my... this is hard!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Copied from Christina Eleanor

1. What is your name : Velarry
2. A four letter word : Poor
3. A boy's name : Alexandriano
4. A girl's name : Claudine [Im gonna name my baby girl w this name. I think its french.That IF i get one]
5. An occupation : Auto Mechanic
6. A color : Chrome
7. Something you'll wear: Havaianas beach footwear
8. A food : Smoked wildboar meat... ;p
9. Something found in the bathroom: Hair conditioner
10. A place : Mesilau, Ranau
11. A reason for being late : Woke up late
12. Something you'd shout : Arrrrghhhhh!!!!
13. A movie title : Fools Rush In
14. Something you drink : Kopi O kaw Ping
15. A musical group : Aerosmith
6. An animal : German Shepherd
17. A street name : 7th Avenue
18. A type of car : Chevy Impala ( Xtina stole my cadiLLac)
19. Title of a song : Walk This Way!!!!!! Aerosmith

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates! Updates! Read all about it!!!

Its been a while since I went back to my birthplace (Tambunan, Sabah). The last time was Christmas time I think..
Mom was driving. I was sitting at the back with my nephew Ian, sleeping.

It was raining Dragons and Phoenixs (Enhanced version of Cats and Dogs) on the way to Tambunan. Mom ran over a puddle of water which then splashed onto a little girl running frantically in the rain. Pity girl. Mom only said "Siou.. nda sengaja". (After all this while babbling about driving slowly *pfftt!*)
On the way up, we wondered why there were so many police cars coming down heading to KK. And at one sharp corner of the road, lies a battered vehicle. an eary site to see, ready to be towed away. (It turns out that a couple with their 3 year old child from Tuaran died in that car crash. They were on their way back from Tenom for a wedding. The baby stroller was still lying on the road when we were on our way back frm Tambunan.Sad. God bLess their souls)
Thick fog was causing visibility limitation. I wasnt able to see anything coming from the front at any distant of 0-50m. I bet mom was having more trouble (four eyes that she is)
Upon arriving in Tambunan, we stopped a bit at Sunsuron to buy some vegetables for DINNER!!! Ian woke up with a cheerful face and said " Wah! Magic oso Odu? Capat oso sampai?!" In whatever language he was trying to converse in. I just smiled. :) I took some pictures of the Tuhau

and the Bosou being displayed there. SLURPS!

We did not go straight to grandma's but we went to Kg.Rompon (on the way to Keningau Town) instead. You wanna know why?To get Sinalau do BAKAS!!!! . (Smoked Wildboar meat)Hahaha... I have been dreaming to eat it since forever. Another slurp!! SLURPS!

I bought 3 boxes of ready to eat Nangka (jackfruit, and guess what the old lady who was selling those said to me? "Ini bukan Durian". I was like, "what*&^%$#@!????!!!!" Macam sa nda tau beza nangka sama durian sja! . I'm a kampung boy abuuu..I know.. Anyway... I kinda found it funny. hihihihi :D
After that we went to Grandma's place. On the way we saw some "horses waiting for the bus"

Much to our surprise "food" was lying everywhere in Tambunan. LOL

She was there to greet us. Sitting proudly infront of her canteen. Glad to see her smiling at us. She didnt look that ill with a smile on her face. Mom cooked. And guess what we had for dinner. Sup Bakas w Tonsomon, Bakas masak kicap, Sayur Bunga w Bakas and Ikan Masin(odd one?)Hahaha. Watched Tv, Chat a bit with Uncle David and his family. And then we went to bed coz grandma as always was like "Odop tokou noh... Au koposik moi sambayang suab" which means " Lets go to sleep. We have to wake up early for church" :) ... I'm gonna miss her saying that....
Woke up at 7.31am for the first time in my life after high school by the loud and screeching voice of my nephew Ian "Uncle yEyE!!!! Wake up Odu Sayyyyyy!!! Wan go chus!!" Oh my ghost!! A part of me love him and a part of me want to strangle him to death... HAHAHA!! okay.. So I woke up.. took shower and then we went to Church. After church we went to Tambunan Golf Club for brunch. And then we went back to my grandma's place. I had a nap woke up and My mom signaled the departure. Said our goodbyes and off we went. On the way mom stopped for some vegetables and bambangan. I took a picture of wild berries locally known as Gurimot.

Its red in color have a hollow texture. SUPER SOUR in taste. Anyway... check out the pictures.. :) . Now im back in Tuaran posting the bLog. haha.. tiL my next post. See you!! :)